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To dare to run is to risk defeat

To dare to train is to risk the pain

To dare to gain is to risk losing

To dare to love is to risk rejection

To dare to heal is to risk being hurt again

To dare to lift is to risk being burdened

To dare to bring joy is to risk grief

To dare to stand is to risk standing alone

To dare all is to risk losing all

But to risk the dark is to dare for the light

To risk being wounded is to dare for hope

To risk a broken heart is to dare for love

To risk personal discomfort is to dare to comfort others

To risk facing weakness is to dare the path of strength

To risk the unknown is to dare to learn

To risk persecution is to dare for reconciliation

To risk the dust of the arena is to dare for the victor's stand

Because to risk the world is to dare for Jesus Christ

-- (, July 20, 2000

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