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According to the Maxxum 9's brochure, using the DM-9 and SmartMedia card the shooting info could be accessed via personal computer. Is somebody out there that could enlighten me about this feature? Based on this info I would decide between a Nikon F-100 and a Maxxum 9. Thanks in advance for your answers.

-- Norvin Torrez (, July 20, 2000


I do have the Maxxum 9 but I do not have the DM-9. The SmartMedia card (in case you do not know) is a very small card about the size of a large postage stamp. I use one in my Olympus digital camera. The card is definately small enough to fit in the DM-9.

I presume that with the DM-9 comes some software that you load on your PC, maybe also Mac. I presume you remove the SmartMedia card from the DM-9 and place the SmartMedia card in a FlashPath reader, which then fits into the A drive on your computer. Then, using the computer software supplied by Minolta, you download the data files onto your computer.

I have never read anything about there being a serial cable involved between the DM-9 and your computer, but that may be the case. Based on my experience with my digital camera, the FlashPath would be much faster.

On the Minolta USA web site, under consumer>cameras>SLR>Maxxum9, under either specifications or features, the next to last page, is some info about the DM-9.

Although I am always frustrated by not remembering the lens, speed, apertue, etc that I have used for a given image, I have hesitated to purchase this back. I already have the vertical grip, and the camera weighs a ton. This DM-9 will only add to the weight. With a little discipline on my part, I ought to be able to record the info with old fashion paper and pencil.

-- Joseph Allen Worrall Jr. MD (, July 23, 2000.

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