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Gas prices decline sharply in Midwest


Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS  Gas prices have dropped in the Midwest after skyrocketing last month to more than $2 per gallon. The rise prompted investigations into claims of price fixing and the suspension of gas taxes.

Indiana now has the nation's lowest gas prices and other Midwest states are close behind, the AAA motor club said Wednesday.

The national per-gallon average for regular unleaded was $1.58 Tuesday. AAA said gas prices have dropped 30.3 cents per gallon in the Great Lakes region since June and 16.5 cents in the rest of the Midwest.

The good news is limited: The West Coast now has the nation's highest gas prices; AAA's average price for regular unleaded in California is $1.76.

-- cpr (, July 20, 2000


Gas prices had dropped to $1.25/9 per gallon. This afternoon, they jumped $.23/gallon to $1.48/9... A big drop, sure, but a hell of a jump back upwards again. (Two steps forward, one step back kinda deal...)

-- Deb M. (, July 20, 2000.

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