Why Isn't It Saturday?

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It should be Saturday. It's very upsetting that it's not Saturday. And not only is it not Saturday, it's two whole days to Saturday!

And why is it supposed to be Saturday? Because yesterday we had our Friday meeting! We had our Friday meeting on Wednesday, because the part-timer wasn't going to be there today and tomorrow (a mistaken assumption, but that's as may be) so all day I was under the impression that Wednesday was Friday, even though I knew perfectly well that it wasn't.

But you can't argue with the Friday meeting.

-- Kymm Zuckert (hedgehog@hedgehog.net), July 20, 2000


Hey Kymm, no offense meant, but maybe you should wrap your keyboard with saran wrap or something. My husband had to do that to his calculators at work due to grubby hands and a fine oil mist that comes from being around machinery sprays all day. Would that help,???? Just thought I'd throw that out there, sure miss ya kiddo.

-- (gabbydink@webtv.net), July 20, 2000.

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