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I don't believe this. Julianna was the only one to get nominated?! The show got nominated and Jonathan Kaplan and John Wells were nominated for Director. What's wrong with this picture? Where's Noah, Anthony, Alex? I could go on and on. Is anyone else as p'od as I am?

-- Cammie (, July 20, 2000


Completely and totally P'OD!

-- Michelle (, July 20, 2000.

Completely!!!!!! Alan Alda got nominated too.

-- Stephanie (, July 20, 2000.

What the heck did Julianna Margulies get nominated for? Carol had virtually NO storyline this year. The Emmys are a joke.

-- Tracy (, July 20, 2000.

Julianna was awesome in "Great Expectations," which is the episode that was submitted, I believe, or at least one of them. For a woman who'd never given childbirth, she had it *down*. Also, her final scene with Luka where she voices her love for Doug still gives me goosebumps.

Question: Why does Julianna get slammed when *other* cast members don't get nominated? Did she vote against them in some secret ballot or something? Sure, Noah and Laura deserved nominations, but I'm happy for Julianna. Just askin'....

-- Phyl (, July 20, 2000.

Andie, Dennis Franz was nominated. But it should have been Anthony Edwards! Phyl, Julianna didn't do anything this year. So she had twins big deal. This year she was a depressing person.

-- Cammie (, July 20, 2000.

I think they were snubbed because there are too many characters on ER and not enough development time for one. They keep jumping from one characters chaos to anothers. The writers need not have so many little loose ends and just focus on the stars.

-- marcy (, July 20, 2000.

I am in utter disbelief that Noah Wyle did not get nomintated!!!!! He was so deserving. I have to admit that I do not watch The Practice or The Sopranos. And the two guys from The WEST Wing were very deserving too, but c'mon -- no Noah! I think this must have been one of the hardest categories this year! I also can't believe Alex and Laura were left out. I mean-- Stockard CHanning as best supporting actress??? She is more like a guest star in THe WEst Wing! I am just glad they were nominated for best drama and that the two directors were nominated (too bad they have to go up against each other!). I am glad for Julianna too. I knew she would get nominated - partly for sentimental reasons (this being her last year) but she was great in Great Expectations. Other than that she was mediocre this year. I am glad Alan Alda was nominated but what about John Cullum -- he was so great as MArk's dad!

I am sorry this is so long. I just had to vent. I know not all of our favorites can be nominated, but I agree with the title of this thread - - ER was gyped (sp?)!!!

-- amanda (, July 20, 2000.

I'm shocked about Noah not being in there, but besides that -- on the acting side -- who else stood out this year. Mark certainly didn't, but I love 'em all anyway. I'm glad AITF was nominated several times. And I'm also happy HUSH from Buffy was nominated. I was sure though that Noah was going to be in there...

Remember when nearly everyone from ER was nominated?

-- Larry B. (, July 20, 2000.

I can not believe that Noah Wyle didn't get nominated. I understand about some of the other actors and actresses on ER, because while they were great and certainly deserved to be nominated the competition is tough. But I thought that Noah work this year was outstanding, and even if the Emmy committe doesn't realize it I'm sure that the cast and crew of ER are aware that the fans appreciate that there has been some amazing performances this year (even though it's not the same). Basically at this point I'm so irrated at the Emmy organization that I'm not even going to watch the Emmy's (although I might change my mind when I calm down).

-- Emma (, July 20, 2000.

We don't know how many votes Noah got from the voters... for all we know, he was #6 on the list and just missed the cut.

-- Tracy (, July 20, 2000.

Cammie, the nominations aren't for the entire year.

-- Phyl (, July 20, 2000.

Well, I am *thrilled* Julianna was nominated, and I didn't expect anything less. She's been nominated every year, so why should this be any different. I don't get this whole, "She did nothing this season" bull. This was actually one of my favorite seasons for her because we got to see her as we never have before. She turned in some wonderful performances, and "Great Expectations", in my opinion, was her best piece of work to date.

While I do find it odd that Noah wouldn't be nominated since he's also been nominated every year and he did do a great job this season, I really don't care if he is or not. But I can totally understand the frustration cuz I'd totally be screaming like a mad woman if Julianna hadn't gotten a nom

-- JLS (, July 20, 2000.

Has Noah been even nominated the last few years? I remember he and Eriq used to be up against one another, but then it seemed like they hadn't been even in the running for some time. Besides Julianna's win some time back, has anyone from ER ever won an Emmy?

-- Larry B. (, July 20, 2000.

Phyl, The nominations are for the full year. People can be nominated for the full year. Once you are nominated , the nominees must then submit an episode( two for supporting) to pick the winner. Those for your consideration tapes are advertising pieces which the studios and actors send out to advertise themselves and remind the voters of their show. However, they are not part of the official nomination process. The bottom line is actors are nominated for their whole season worth of work and no particular episode. All members of the Academy can nominate. Oncce the nominees are selected they submit official tapes. These one or two episodes(eight for best series) are what determines the winner. The winners for acting categories are selected by certain actors selected by the academy to pick the winner. I believe around 500 this year pick the winner.

I thought Noah more than anyone deserved to be nominated. West Wing is my second favorite show and I feel that Noah was better this season than the two guys selected even though they had a good year. I Had a feeling Noah would not be nominated. Not because he did not deserve, but because shows that have all the buzz tends to get a lot of acting nods whether all their actors deserve it or not. Er probably got several nominations in the past because of this predudice. Now that they are no longer in the buzz they are going to be overlooked at times. This season Noah got shafted because the West Wing, Sopranos, and Practice(last year winner) had a lot of people up for the nomination. I'm glad ER got nominated , but think that both NOah and Laura should have been nominated. I'm glad Juliannia got nominated, but don't feel she deserved to get nominated as much as Noah did.

-- Brenda (, July 20, 2000.

Thank you, Brenda, then I stand corrected. Our assumption may be that the people who vote have seen all 22 episodes. Is it possible, though, that people vote based solely upon the tapes made available and then the tapes take on importance? Perhaps not, and therefore my premise is wrong.

-- Phyl (, July 20, 2000.

I read where there was a big "stink" this year because they used to have these viewing parties where the voters would go and watch epis (I don't know if this is AFTER the nominations have already been posted). Well, the only people who went to these viewing parties were the old timers. The past couple of years they have changed this and now people get the tapes and can watch them in the leisure of their homes. Supposedly, this is why more "cutting edge" shows have won lately (Sopranos, Sex in the City, etc.) because more people (and younger people) are voting. Personally, I cannot imagine the voters seeing every single actor through out the whole year. I have a feeling only the selected programs are viewed by all. But, I am not authority on this so that is must my speculations.

-- amanda (, July 20, 2000.

Be honest JLS, Julianna didn't deserve to get nominated, as well as Noah did! :(((((((!!!!

-- - (, July 20, 2000.

As I mentioned on the newsgroup, it's important to remember that Julianna is not competing with Noah, but with other actresses in a drama. I do believe Noah should have been nominated, but to drag Julianna's name into it is a bit futile. Apples and oranges, so to speak. Her nomination or lack thereof didn't affect his chances.

-- Phyl (, July 20, 2000.

Okay, I was pissed that Noah was not nominated for the Emmy's but you know what we can't do anything about it. All we can do is lashed out at them. BTW, if anybody can remember, when Noah was nominated did you guys think he deserve the nomination.

As for Julianna being nominated again, the reason why she always get the nod is because there is not much competition in this group. In fact we always see the same people being nominated.

Abigail, Carterologist

-- abigail (, July 20, 2000.

I feel bad for Noah, but the compitition was tough. My second favourite show, after ER is The Practice, and Steve Harris and Michael Badolucco are both excellent Actors. Even if Noah had gotten nominated, I still don't think he would have won, even though he is my favourite on ER. Steve Harris has had a great year on The Practice. Anyway, this is Noah's first year to not be nominated for ER. Last year it was only him and Julianna, and this year it is only Julianna. Another thing to remember, for all you people who are currently bashing Julianna, is that she is the only person from ER to win an individual emmy. She got it in 1995 for Best Supporting Actress, and I think that the judges tend to be a little bias, as in if you win an emmy, you are more likely to be re-nominated.

One more thing, whoever said (sorry, I don't rtemember your name as I write this) that Stockard Channing is more of a guest star on the West Wing then a supporting actress, you might be interested to know that Holland Taylor from The Practice, who is also up for this award is more of a recurring character then a supporting actress. What's up with that?


-- Amy (, July 20, 2000.

Phyl, you're right about this not being a competiton between Julianna and Noah. I'm sure Julianna is upset that Noah didn't get nominated and I'm sure Noah is glas she did get nominated. Why so I have a feeling the tabloids will start something between them? I hope they don't but they've done it to others. I hope Julianna wins it but I'm still upset over Noah getting snubbed.

-- Cammie (, July 20, 2000.

This is an interesting thread! I was reading a book in the bookstore called "How to Make it in Hollywood" (not b/c I plan to make it big in Hollywood, I just thought it sounded interesting). Anyway, it was written by a woman who has been a producer, career counselor, etc. in LA and she was writing about all the schmoozing & politicking that goes on in Hollywood and she talked about the Oscars and how they tend to nominate movies that are the Academy's favorites or the ones that made all the money. An example she gave was that maybe somebody who worked on an independent low budget film might have done a really excellent job on, say, sound editing but they won't get nominated because that movie is not the Oscar favorite or whatever. Anyway, I would guess that the Emmys probably work the same way.

I'm not trying to sound like sour grapes because ER didn't get nominated for enough, but I personally have never put a lot of faith in the awards shows. They are fun to watch, but I don't feel obligated to start watching a show just because it won an award, because the "experts" say it's the best. Just look how ER won a lot of awards this past year at the People's Choice Awards and TV Guide awards where the audience members get to decide the winners!

-- Melanie (, July 20, 2000.

The emmy's suck!!! Plain and simple. Are they blind or just downright stupid. Although I feel bad for Noah Wyle, Laura Innes and quite a few other Er cast members, I look at it this way-the one's who pick the nominees--DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's all keep our chin up, we get our beloved ER for 4 more years, win or lose. :)

-- Renee (, July 20, 2000.

Unbelievable! The West Wing? Give me a break. I realize this show is popular but I don't know anyone who watches it! Personally, I don't like the show. Noah should have been nominated. What is wrong with the Academy? Maybe next year they will recognize his valuable contribution to ER and quality television.

-- anne (, July 20, 2000.

It's safe to say I'm upset that Noah did not get nominated. It may even be an understatement. But I'm glad that Julianna got nominated. I'm not so sure she was shining this year, but she is a great actress. And ER as a show got nominated, which is wonderful. I'm not sure I would have picked Alan Alda for the guest appearance over John Cullum, but that was not the decision of the Emmy's. Hopefully, ER will do well, and I'm be happy if the majority of the cast is at the show to encourage Julianna (and pick up their well- deserved award for Best Drama!)

-- Joanne (, July 20, 2000.

Actually, Anne, I watch the West Wing all of the time - it really is a great show! However, I am totally bummed that ER got the big Emmy snub - especially Noah Wyle - the guy was just amazing this year. I guess I won't be watching the Emmys this year after all.

-- Beth (, July 20, 2000.

ER got snubbed. Simple as that. But I wouldn't be surprised to learn that one of the reasons was because of the large cast, not providing much screen time and development opportunities for each person.

Though I can't say I watch "The West Wing" or "The Sopranos" and decide who should/n't have been nominated, I really believe Laura Innes and Noah Wyle should have been nominated, particularly the latter. Wyle's acting this year, and in years past, has consistently been outstanding. Same goes for Innes. I'm glad to see that at least Julianna Margulies got nominated in her final season on the show, as little of a storyline as she had. Ditto Alan Alda. As someone said in this thread (or maybe another), I tend to agree that the Emmy's have a lot to do with politics. Just think about Wyle's not being nominated; I bet that his performances were at better than at least one of the nominated Lead, not supporting, Actor's.

Just because "ER" only received nine Emmy nods (chosen by "experts"), I don't think that this will affect (effect?) the opinions of ER's many and faithful viewers, nor will it a/effect mine. Of these nine nominations, I'm not counting on winning too many.

IMHO, award shows such as the People's Choice awards are more meaningful to the viewer, when they choose the favorite, though not necessarily best, show. This year, ER won for Favorite Drama, which it undoubtedly is.

-- Roybal (, July 21, 2000.

Anne, just wanted you to meet another West Wing fan......if you will give it one or two epis......I think you may find the writing and story lines similar to early ER in that it is an ensemble show. As long as we continue to keep ER the top rated drama by watching faithfuly, it will stay on the air.....the Neilsons being waaaaaaaay more impotant than an emmy. While I believe Carter's character had a fabulous year, I also think ER is now paying for season 5 which truly lacked the ER spirit. If they can keep up this seasons better work, and story lines, we will get them all next year.

-- Deb (, July 21, 2000.

Just wanted to say that other than ER, The West Wing is only other show I won't miss. It is excellent! The writing is superb and the ensemble cast is awesome. The two actors in the supporting category were well deserving. I'm sorry to say that the quality of The West Wing is quickly passing up ER, but I still LOVE my ER!!

-- amanda (, July 21, 2000.

Phyl, First of all, Julianna Margulies was not in half the scenes as most of the other actors on the show this year. You talk like she is "God's gift to television" when in fact, she is no better than an over-rated actress, who, in my opinion cannot act. Granted, everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, however I cannot stand hearing how wonderful this woman is. I am at a loss for words when I hear praise being dripped about her wonderful talent and hear no mention of the two ladies that deserved nominations, Alex Kingston and Laura Innes. Innes walks with a cane, portraying a disabled person, so well, that Larry King did not even know she was really not handicapped. Kingston was in almost every scene this year, and did not miss a delivery on one line yet. Meanwhile, Noah Wyle was snubbed because he is one of the leading activists against the SAG. To me, the emmy's are all politics, and are one of the biggest jokes in Hollywood. The only reason Julianna was nominated was out of rote, it was her last season, and the academy felt as though they had no choice but to nominate her.

-- zoinks (, July 22, 2000.

As someone who sits and judges the talent of actors every day at work, and as someone who has been in this industry since high school, I will tell you that Julianna *is* one of the most gifted actors on television today. No doubt Laura and Alex are marvelous as well. But Julianna is far from being beneath them. She can evoke so much in her face. You might try watching "Going Home"..."Sleepless In Chicago"..."The Healers"..."The Storm 2"..."Great Expectations"..."Such Sweet Sorrow"...the list goes on. She's well-loved in the business for a reason. She's the only cast member to have won an Emmy for a reason. They offered her $27 million to stay for a reason. It certainly wasn't because she was an "over-rated actress" who "cannot act".

-- JLS (, July 22, 2000.

And you might want to get your facts straight. Noah isn't *against* SAG. He's rallying FOR them. Nor is he a *leading* activist. Plenty of celebrities are supporting the strike. As are we, and plenty of others working in the industry.

-- JLS (, July 22, 2000.

Hey, zoinks, explain to me how 1) Julianna isn't in as many scenes as the other actresses (I assume you have figures to back up this statement); 2) why this is relevant to her acting abilities; 3) how I talk about her as if she's God's gift to television; 4) why you let my opinion and the opinion of others get to to you so much; 5) what Julianna's nomination has to do with Noah Wyle's lack of a nomination. You may think she's an overrated actress, and your opinion doesn't bother me, but she's won both an Emmy and a Sag award and is consistently nominated year in and year out. So, it's not just me and other fans who think it.

I don't get it. I said she did a great job in "Great Expectations" and "Such Sweet Sorrow."

-- Phyl (, July 22, 2000.

I have to agree with Phyl. I mean I have never heard anyone say Julianna is God's gift to TV. JLS is right as well. Amy Brennemen (sp?) is also doing that as well as Noah and she got nominated. Could someone tell me about THe People Chioce Awards. When and where do we get to vote if we're allowed to?

-- Cammie (, July 22, 2000.

To all whom I have offended, In defense of myself, I read an article concerning Noah Wyle and his efforts to strike against the SAG. I am not the only person who has seen this article because in my town it is a hot topic of discussion. As for Julianna's acting, it was an expression saying that she is God's gift to tv. I never said that anyone said that. I do not feel that she is that great of an actress. I see far more talent in Laura, Alex and Noah. The three of them (in my opinion) portray their characters wonderfully and I can always tell what they are thinking at any moment by their facial expressions. Now, as Phyl stated in an earlier reply, she does not understand why people take it out on Julianna that no one else was nominated. I do not take it out on her. It is not her fault that she is up for an Emmy. I mean, if she wasn't, ER would have no chance of winning any actor emmy's (aside from Alda's). The snubbing of the other cast members irks me, because I have been a loyal follower of the show since day one, and I do not see how this year, being far better than the last, garnered less acting noms. for main and supporting roles. As for screen time, there were a string of eppy's where Margulies was scarce. In "All in the family" she had about one line, and before the birth of her twins, her appearances were far and few between. I know they look at the whole season, but if I was to go through and add up all her screen time when pitted against Wyle or Kinston's screen time, I can bet you one of those two would win. As I said earlier, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and mine is that Margulies is not that wonderful of an actress. If this bother's anyone, I am sorry, but that is the way I feel about it.

-- zoinks (, July 22, 2000.

I agree hole-heartedly with Zoinks. I remember seeing something on the news about Wyle being against the SAG. I also do not see how Margulies, who's vote was a pity vote (last chance to ever be nominated) could have won a nomination over Innes, Kingston, Wyle, or Edwards. I mean, we had to suffer through what felt like an eternity of Mark and his dad. The least they could do is recognize Edwards for going through it. He did a good job this season, and was SNUBBED. As for Margulies, how hard is it to have twins? They did it on "Full House" and no one batted an eye. Now that Margulies is gone, what's next, a best actress nod for Michael Michelle? It seems as though that is what this is coming to.

-- cheese (, July 22, 2000.

Does anyone know if Julianna is supporting something like the SAG strike like Noah is or the AARDA like Kellie is? I'm not saying anything bad about her, I'm just wondering. I think we need to applaud Noah for doing what he's doing as well as Kellie. So good job and keep up the good work Noah and Kellie.

-- Cammie (, July 22, 2000.

My whole understaning of the SAG thing is that SAG (The Screen Actors Guild) was striking against advertisers. If I recall Noah Wyle was supporting his fellow SAG members in this strike. So he was not against SAG he is against the advertisers who do not pay commercial actors enough money for their work.

-- amanda (, July 22, 2000.

Thanx Amanda, I knew that he was against the advertisers, I just said it wrong. There is a big debate circling about Elizabeth Hurely's Estee Lauder campaign, and how it was wrong of her to support advertisers. Being that Wyle is against advertisers though, I think this hurt his chances for a nom. Any time someone rallies against something, someone else is scared of losing money or having their reputation marred. Perhaps they think this snub will shut him up.

-- zoinks (, July 22, 2000.

Thank you Amanda for explaining the SAG strike to zoinks so that I didn't have to bother. Except the last part - its not that they don't currently pay enough for commercials...they want to get rid of the residuals policy and make it a one-time flat fee when one does a commercial. And for the people raking in the dough and making a living from commercial residuals, that's obviously not cool.

This is getting REALLY ridiculous. Noah rallying for the SAG strike would have NOTHING to do with the Emmys. It in NO way would prevent him in getting nominated! First of all, the SAG strike is only for commercials and voice-overs. Film and TV is not affected. Hence the fact that our clients continue to audition for film and TV whereas they are not allowed to audition for commercials, unless they desire to screw with their union status.

-- JLS (, July 22, 2000.

Cammie - Julianna, as well as every single cast member, I am sure, supports some sort of charity or cause, if not several.

-- JLS (, July 22, 2000.

Andie - see my post right above yours.

One - For gods sake, the SAG strike has nothing to do with Noah not being nominated, that's utterly ridiculous.

Two - We DON'T want him to shut up! We NEED to win this strike. Well, at least "we" in the industry do. Doesn't matter to the rest of you apparently.

-- JLS (, July 22, 2000.

Thanks JLS. I'll also say good job to Julianna and keep up the good work! I think we should write Noah a letter and tell him how proud we are of him and how great we think he is. Just so he knows we support him no matter what. That's just my opinion though.

-- Cammie (, July 22, 2000.

Andie, Thank you for understanding my point. JLS, you work in the business, so you, above anyone should know the politics that go on behind the scenes of an award show. As soon as your face appears on tv, whether it be commercial, or program, you receive an SAG card. The advertisers are currently not paying new and established members the money the money they deserve to plug their product. That is why the SAG is on strike. As I stated earlier, I meant to say Wyle was against the advertisers. How do you think the emmy show is financed? Advertisements. Now, why would they want to support someone who is an activist against them. It is like a man found guilty of murder nominating the judge that persicuted them to a chair on the supreme court.

-- zoinks (, July 22, 2000.

Thanks Andie! I totally forgot about that. In fact I son't think anyone ever did respond to that. It does matter to me like Andie said. I think it's outragous the cast of "Friends" can make $750,000 per episode and yet they can't pay people who do commercials more. That's why I applaud Noah and hopes he doesn't stop just because of this.

-- Cammie (, July 22, 2000.

Zoinks, it's not that the advertisers are not currently paying the SAG actors enough. Like JLS said, the current system is residual where the actors are paid every time the commercial airs, which means they actually make more money. They went on strike because the advertisers are WANTING to change the system to where they will only have to pay the actors a one-time fee. If that happens, the actors will not make enough.

And the Emmy nominations come from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (I think that's the name) which is made up of entertainment industry people. The corporations who put their commercials on TV do not make the Emmy nominations, so like JLS said, that would not have anything to do with Noah not getting nominated.

-- Melanie (, July 23, 2000.

so, if the actors dont want a flat fee for doing comercials, then they dont have to do them. hey ill do the damn commercials, LOL. i'm sure i would be quite happy with the pay.

-- ALexis Springer (, July 23, 2000.

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