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I was so schocked...and sad on Noah's behalf. He deserved to get nominated more than anyone else and they totally ignore the poor guy!!Instead they nominated two guys from the Practice and two others from the West Wing!! Poor Noah,at least he has Tracy...

-- caroline jacobsen (, July 20, 2000


18 nominations for the west wing!!!!! man!!!! i mean all these new dramas come on and cover up our er! does anyone kow how many we were nominated

-- rachel (, July 20, 2000.

I don't know how many total but they were only nominated for four in the "big" categories -- Best drama, actress, director (two times). I still cannot believe Noah was not nominated!! Oh well, We love him!! and all the others too.

-- amanda (, July 20, 2000.

I'm also very disappointed Noah wasn't even nominated this year!This year by far was his best year and he got passed by.It doesn't seem right to me...I wonder which episode they submitted for him?Does anyone know?Also,I've never really enjoyed the Practice and West Wing(just my opinion). Wasn't ER the #1 drama this year?So how come the Practice and West Wing got so many nominations?Well,hopefully Noah will read boards like this and realize we the fans vote him #1!!!

-- jessica (, July 20, 2000.

Wow, I was really hoping for Noah Wyle to get nominated, more than I've ever cared before for anyone, honestly. I can't believe it...people here are saying he's been nominated every year before this!?!?! So why not now? If I could do anything to change their minds I would, really. What a disapppointment.

-- Elaine (, July 20, 2000.

I know, it is so unfair. I believe the episode NBC submitted for Noah was "May Day," which he did a wonderful job in. He was so good this year, I think the best of all. I was just hoping he'd win, I didn't have any doubt that he'd get nominated. I was shocked to see he wasn't. I can't believe we got so ripped off this year after "ER" was the number one drama all season long, and lots of the time the number 1 TV show. (Sometimes "Millionaire" beat it out.)

The saddest thing is, watching the Emmys won't even be worth it, I'm sure Julianna and "ER" won't win anything, "The Sopranos," "The West Wing," or "The Practice" will sweep all of the drama awards. (The latter two I don't like at all, and I don't have HBO.)

IMO, I think this season was the best next to Season 3. It was really depressing to see them get so snubbed. At least the fans will always stand by them.


-- Jessica (, July 20, 2000.

I suggest people read the official Emmy rules. People are nominated based on a full season of work. The winners are selected on a particular episode( One - lead, two- supporting, eight- show) . Nominees submit tapes after they are selected as nominees. For your consideration tapes are advertising pieces the studios use to promote the show ands actors. They ARE NOT part of the official nomination process. The academy will assist the studios in mailing them out for a fee and giving them the addresses for the voters, but they are not required for a person to vote.

-- Brenda (, July 20, 2000.

Noah deserved more than anyone on the show or the show itself to get nominated IMHO. NOah was a victum of ER no longer being the show that has all the buzz. Unfortunatly , the shows with the buzz had plenty of actors going up for best supporting actor in a drama series. The voters tend to nominate actors from the shows that have the buzz. Rarly does someone else get in unless there is a person who has one the Emmy before or the show does not have any or very few actors going up for a particular category. ER got a few undeserved nomination in the past when they had the buzz.

-- Brenda (, July 20, 2000.

I really think he should have been nominated, too. I don't care about awards shows, and I never watch them, but when deserving actors are recognized, it makes me feel happy for them. And Noah Wyle had me on the edge of my seat this season. His story is what kept me tuned in because there were some things this season that really made me consider not watching anymore. It really is unfair.

-- Annie (, July 20, 2000.

What a disappointment! Of all seasons for Noah to be snubbed - it just doesn't make sense. Maybe next season the Academy will recognize this talented actor.

-- anne (, July 20, 2000.

After almost every episode I watched this season, and usually during each episode, I would marvel at Noah's talent. How convincing he can be. How Carter was completely being tortured by what was happening to him, but for us to see that in Carter, it meant Noah had to show it. I think that's reason right there that he's a great actor. Honestly, I don't think he needs an award or Emmy nomination to prove that. It just would have been nice. Especially to hear him make an acceptance speech....

Anyway, if anything, we all know how much we love Noah!

-- Joanne (, July 20, 2000.

In defense of the voters I have to say that this must have been one of the toughest categories this year! There are several superb actors in a supporting role character. I almost wonder if Noah would have done better as a lead actor(?!) Anyway, the two guys on The West Wing are great too. I don't watch The Practice or The Sopranos so I cannot speak for those guys. But, I am still so disappointed that Noah didn't get nominated. As was said, in the past he has and he was far better this year than in the past. These last few epis he made me want to cry for Carter everytime I saw him, just because of how much pain was conveyed in his face. He was awesome this year!! I wish he could see this board and see how many of his fans really respect his work and love him!!

-- amanda (, July 21, 2000.

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