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I hearby claim this forum dead. It is official folks.

-- Embalmer (r@i.p), July 19, 2000


Oh give it up geek. We are here to stay and we are getting better every day.

-- edsel fredsel (not@on.yourHeiney), July 19, 2000.

He's right. TB2000 is dead. But TB2000-B is still breathing...


-- Sysman (, July 19, 2000.

Indeed, this place has become dominated by the "kooks" of both's no longer fun....bye folks.

-- who me (whome@nowhere.non), July 19, 2000.


It is not my style to point out people's errors. But in this case you are wrong. TB2000 is here:, July 19, 2000.

It's not my style to point out people's errors either, but I think when you were trying to point out Sysman's error you screwed up on your link there Debunker. Idiot.

-- Doomer (debunkys@are.dumbshits), July 20, 2000.

And TB2000-B is barely on life support.

-- nothere nothere (, July 20, 2000.

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