Why am I so scary?

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I don't get it. Why does my entry scare Nae? Does it scare all of you? Please enlighten me...

-- Kaitlynn (kaitlynn@quietones.com), July 19, 2000


don't worry, i suspect that my entry will scare people too. Hey, i just realized that you look like that actress i saw a few short hours ago in the Patriot. Thank god i figured that one out, i was going nuts!

-- nae (quietones@mail.com), July 19, 2000.

Wow. Noone's ever told me I look like an actress before. Someone once said I smile like Gwenyth Paltrow, but they were probably just being nice or making conversation or had partaken of scooby snacks or something.

About that uterus thing, according to one of my bio profs, the hormone prolactin is supposed to suppress the cycle. Its produced by nursing mothers. But western civilized women aren't doing it right. Traditionally, and in undeveloped areas, women always carry their chillins with them from birth to the age of 5 or so, and the kids nurse sporadically for maybe 30 seconds pretty regularily. This type of nursing keeps prolactin being produced at the levels necessary to inhibit estrogen. Of course, its probably more of a hassle to deal with carrying a kid around til' its weaned at age 5, and which point you have another kid and do it all over again.

And yes, I am a nerd. Is that why my entry is scary? =)

-- Kaitlynn (kaitlynn@quietones.com), July 19, 2000.

no, i think it's more that we don't understand what you're talking about until you explain your job, and until then it's pretty frightening.

-- nae (quietones@mail.com), July 19, 2000.

But you're scared for me, right? I mean, having polyacrylamide gels plotting my death is pretty fearsome...

-- Kaitlynn (kaitlynn@quietones.com), July 20, 2000.

YOu know I think she's scary and if you will please look back at all her guest entries, every single one of them has to do with orgo lab bio lab some sort of lab or some sort of class. i mean does this girl have a life? or is she that nerd thats always in the lab that everyone else points and laughs at?

-- spike (spike@jeppeson.com), July 20, 2000.

don't worry kaitylnn, we're scared for you, suuuuuuree. In fact, why don't i just call the cops..

-- nae (quietones@mail.com), July 20, 2000.

nae the straightjackets kept in the closet. let me just go grab it while you hold her down

-- spike (spike@jeppeson.com), July 21, 2000.

Thats not true. I wrote one entry about my shoulder. Very strange. Its been months and months, but its still not showing. Maybe its not a fetus in there after all... hmmm. What do you guys think?

-- Kaitlynn (kaitlynn@quietones.com), July 22, 2000.

Returning to other topics...

That Patriot girl must be a really talented actress to be successful in Hollywood with my face. I looked at some pictures of her online (www.lisabrenner.com, I think) and its just eerie!! I'm freaked out. I may not look like anyone at all in my family, but some Hollywood star and I are pretty close replicas. Just goes to show, they must've found me in a ditch somewhere... This isn't my birth family. sniffle sniffle.

-- kaitlynn (Kaitlynn@quietones.com), July 24, 2000.

so now we know who kaitylynn's REAL twin is!

-- nae (quietones@mail.com), July 25, 2000.

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