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Frankfurt Xetra Has 2nd Outage

July 19, 2000

The Xetra electronic-trading system of the Deutsche Boerse in Frankfurt was down for over two hours Tuesday due to a computer problem. The reliability of the Xetra system is important to the proposed merger of Deutsche Boerse AG and the London Stock Exchange. Brian Mairs of British broker-representative group Apcims is quoted as saying, Its something that continues to worry us. All systems fall from time to time, but Xetra does have a tendency to break down more than others.

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-- (, July 19, 2000


System crash halts Frankfurt trading

THE German share trading platform that is to be a key plank of the merged London-Frankfurt stock exchange crashed yesterday, halting trading for three hours (Paul Armstrong writes). Its failure is as embarrassing for the London exchange as for Deutsche Bvrse, since UK brokers will be paid #30,000 to join Germany's Xetra system under the merger.

Xetra has been promoted as more reliable than London's platform, which crashed for a day in April.


-- (, July 19, 2000.

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