Homeopathy for rabbits?

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We got our rabbits about a month ago. They are French Silvers (aka Champaign d'Argent). Two of them have had snuffles, and one can't seem to shake it. I am treating them with Aureomycin. The goal is to raise as much of our own food as we can, to avoid chemicals and growth hormones and .... Anyway, do any of you all have good luck with any particular herbal / homeopathic remedies? What about Australian Tea Tree oil? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you! Happy Trails! - M

-- Matthew Harris (matt777harris@webtv.net), July 19, 2000


Oh you are sooo lucky!!! They are really hard to fidn Rabbits. I use RX Vet,, it is an all natural Oil that has been around for about 100 years..( oppss the recipe not the oil) that you can get from Jeffer`s Vet Supply. Works really well to get rid of sniffles in Rabbits, Chickens,,,well just about any animal. Good luck.

-- Bergere (autumnhaus@aol.com), July 19, 2000.

don't know if this will help with rabbits but when my goats got considerably congested we shoved garlic oil capsules down their throats and by the next morning - they were fine

-- Pat (pmikul@pcpros.net), July 23, 2000.

Yes, they are beautiful animals and we were lucky to find some. I got the Vet Rx and she seems better, but its still early. She is definitely eating better and much more playful, so I am much encouraged. I have heard that about garlic, also mint. We'll try those also and let you all know if those help. Thanks so much! -M

-- Matthew Harris (matt777harris@webtv.net), July 24, 2000.

We have a new baby mini rex about 3 months old. Within 3 days of buying her fron the pet store she began sneezing. We found out that the pine shavings we bought were bad for her. after changing that there was really little change by the 6 day I was concerned and took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with snuffles and given byatril(enroflovacin). It seemed to help dramatically for 3 days then she had a recurrance, now she is on 3.5 cc 1 timea day. I have been practicing homeopathy for 25 years, but have little expereice with raabbits. Some positive changes happen with kali bic for the thicknose and antimonium tart30c 1-2 when i was agraid of chest rattling. The past few nights I have been giving her pulsatilla 30c for the creamy night time mucous. But so far I can not make it go away. Where might I get some RXvet. and do you have any other suggestions. I am nervous about giving her herbs or colloidal silver as I know so little about rabbit bodiesy. Thank you for any suggestions. Christne Yelich Roberts D.C,

-- Christine Yelich Roberts (cyrtara@yahoo.com), January 23, 2002.

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