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To all of his fellow fans: HE IS AN ACTOR AND THE PRICE THAT COMES WITH THAT IS PRETTY HIGH. Like all actors, they will not olny be interested in their fab talents and how they are able to take us away from reality. BUT FOR THE JUICY GOSSIP. For some of us, these people are like a fantasy. A world full of glam, glitz, and sex. We want to be part of that fantasy land in every way that means knowing everything about them. They are under the catagory of ENTERTAINMENT for a reason. Besides William McNamara is not an A-List Actor so I would think that any talk about him would please him. It shows people do talk about him, that people want to know him, and that makes for GREAT PUBLICITY. ****WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD****

written with the best intentions.....

-- VANESSA (, July 18, 2000


It makes for "tabloid" publicity.


I can respect your point a great deal. It's known that anyone who gets into the field of acting....and gets a reconizible "break", will be subject to disscusion. Whether it be about their relationships, upbringing, arrest rap sheet in some cases, etc. LOL

I think the only point I was trying to make, is that this guy is still a person. And this webpage is in igsistance because "he" wants it out here to promote his acting career and probably looks forward to some positive feedback from his fans. I'm sure he never thought there wouldn't be ANY gossip. Gossip is part of life whether you're famous or not.

One last thing though. Although I do respect where you are coming from, I find you're statment "William McNamara is not an A-List actor, so I would think that any talk about him would please him." a little insensitive. Say, only for instance, someone were to say or write that he's hot, but will probably be short lived and washed up by the time he is 40.......Do you think Billy would say, "Well, I'm not being offered the roles Tom Cruise is and I haven't heard my name in awhile, so I'm glad somebody is talking." ? I don't think so.

Remember.....HOLLYWOOD is a place. Real actors don't thrive on PUBLICITY. They thrive on ACTING!


-- Deirdre (, July 19, 2000.

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