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GICC is this year's StenchBombed-2000. The only thing missing are "Comtrails", "White Buses", "Roswell" and "gubmint secret plans" to become another net imitation of the National Inquirer like Rense or Art Ding Dong Bell.

A great demonstration that somewhere on the net there is a "home" for anyone. Started as a "sincere effort" it quickly died when its avowed purpose (collating Y2k computer glitch problems) was a member of the Set[Empty].

Now it has been seized by the same twits that inhabit the caves of EYII-SleaEZy and Hyattski's house of Fear.


-- cpr (, July 18, 2000


I see GICC as a place where glitches which may or may not be y2k related are posted for the record, so that historians later may be able to separate the ones that were y2k-related from the ones which weren't. Most of the glitches posted are not y2k-related, and I think everyone knows that.

The time of possible bank runs is over, CPR. No need for you to be worried about the GICC.

-- The GICC (serves@a.purpose), July 18, 2000.

"Most of the glitches posted are not y2k-related, and I think everyone knows that."

If that's true, then why are they posting them? There are a few who will post anything they can get their hands on, even though a quick read of the story will tell you that there's no way in hell it's even computer-related, let alone Y2K-related. This is the same kind of crap that got Y2K blown out of proportion in the first place.

-- Buddy (, July 18, 2000.

Good point, Buddy, but as you can see by scanning the "headlines" here, it's not exclusive to GICC. It seems that there is a "Doom News Service" on this board as well. I suppose these people have their reasons, but I Just Don't Get It.

It's sad, really, that some people only see "bad stuff" around them, while completely disregarding the fact that not only does this "bad stuff" happen virtually all of the time, but also that, somehow, call it a miracle, Life Seems to Go On.

-- Patricia (, July 18, 2000.


-- cpr (, July 18, 2000.

What BULL!!! "for the record" WHAT RECORD? The "National Y2k Inquirer"?? EVEN the FRAUD "GLITCH CENTRAL" is gonzo now. Worst part its the same "mentality" (small as it might be) that is DISTORTING what it finds and *can't read*. 5 people posted 5/7ths of the messages on GICC. NONE of them or anyone who pays the slightest attention to such BS can even READ THE SOURCE MATERIALS that the press stories on Y2k were based on. GICC is a few "sissyman/woman" ignoring reality:

REALITY: The "world" is a mess. Always has been, always will be (unless I am chosen to run **everything**). solving one set of problems after another until you die. They you **WON'T** have "any problems".

-- cpr (, July 18, 2000.

(unless I am chosen to run **everything**)


And people say cpr doesn't have a sense of humor.

-- Buddy (, July 19, 2000.

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