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Stuart Rodman's statement regarding factory, generating plant, and pipeline explosions

At 02:27 AM 3/10/2000 EST, you wrote: Subj: [roleigh_y2k_lodge] Re: Factory, generating plant, and pipeline explosions Date: 2/2/00 12:16:42 PM Eastern Standard Time From: (snip)

There is some evidence to support the claim that accidents within the petro industry are on the rise. A tentative review of the database available from the US Chemical Safety Board,, yielded the following

reports of accidents based on seperate searches using keywords refinery or oil or pipeline:

(1998 refinery,oil,pipeline=41) (1999=91) (jan2000=13)

extrapolated projections for the year 2000 would place incidents at around 156 at the current rate compared with 41 in 1998 when the database was created.

These findings have not been corrected for redundancy and they are based on reported incidents (many may have gone unreported).

These numbers do not reflect incdents reported with the keyword "gas". I have temporarily not queried for those but many additional reports are available for that report type.

I hope to have more info soon. Input?

Regards, Stuart H. Rodman

-- GICC Sysop (, July 18, 2000

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