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The highway dept. is putting up new steel cable guard rails along our road. As a result they have couple dozen wood spools we can have,which held the steel cable on. They are about 3 foot tall and 3 foot wide. Across the top are bolts whjich holds rods going up through the center. The middle part are 12"wide interlocking boards. They take 2 strong people to move so are sturdy. I was thinking of cutting some slats in center and cutting opening in top to put hay in for sheep or goats. Any suggestions how to do this or other uses?

-- Kate Henderson (, July 18, 2000


I have seen them placed in goat yards simply to give the goats something to climb on.

-- Ken Scharabok (, July 18, 2000.

my mother in law uses them for picnic tables in her yard. looks pretty good and sits quite a few people.

-- lynne (, July 18, 2000.

I assume that these are made of wood. If so, I have seen some used for animal housing by turning them on their sides and removing part of the wood that forms the center core. Makes a warm, dry house with a large sun porch effect. Some folks have even attached fencing to the edge of the spool to make a house/pen combination for dogs, chickens, rabbits, etc., although it would be a hassle to get the eggs from chickens that way.

-- Green (, July 18, 2000.

Geeze Kate sell them! Go to any goat site and offer them up for sale, you can't beg borrow or steal them here in Texas! They are mostly going to metal spools anyway. I would love some for my baby goat pen, mine rotted and fell apart years ago. What area are you in? Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh (, July 18, 2000.

Kate, I once saw a spool that was made into a rocking chair. Deep 'V's we're cut out of the top and bottom, a V cut into the middle, attach seat and back-don't forget the 'stops'! If you're not getting the 'picture', I'd be happy to draw one and send it to you.

-- Kathy (, July 22, 2000.


Just like kids do with a big box, let your imagination run and you will be amazed at the things you can use them for. Pallets and spools are always used if they find their way here. With a little modification you may be able to use one for a compost drum.

-- Jay Blair (, July 23, 2000.

I'm keeping an eye peeled for one the right size and condition for making into a duckhouse. I want to put an octagonal roof on it, like a gazebo, and when I want to move it, I'll just turn it on its side and roll it....

-- snoozy (, July 23, 2000.

I live in Upstate New York, and where I work we throw out more than two dozen assorted wooden spools a day. The only idea I have seen so far is, one employee took the smaller ones home and made them into lamps... If anyone has any other ideas, I would love to hear them. And also I would love to see the drawing of the rocking chair:)

thanks in advance J

-- J Teckowski (yoji16@yahoo.coom), May 07, 2001.

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