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"To arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves." The Edge

If we could be a fly on the wall in this room THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS we would hear being asked.

If there is a particular question that interests you or one that you can offer insight on please post it. There is plenty material here to stimulate conversation and debate. I always enjoy reading everyone's thoughts.

There are a couple here that I'd like to post soon.

-- Debra (, July 18, 2000


What was the TV program that Steve Allen did back in the 70s where historical personalities from different eras would discuss amongst themselves? Was it "Meeting of tne Minds"? Something like that. Neat show, CBS should revive it and run it in the time slot following Survivors.

-- Lars (, July 18, 2000.

Hmmm. And then one philosopher could get voted off each show.

-- Oxy (, July 18, 2000.

I think it telling, that none among the questioners are poets.


...the world has visibly been recreated in the night. Mornings of creation, I call them. In the midst of the marks of a creative energy recently active, while the sun is rising with more than usual splendor, I look back ......for the era of this creation, not into the night, but to a dawn for which no man ever rose early enough. A morning which carries us back beyond the Mosaic creation, where crystallizations are fresh and unmelted. It is the poets hour. Mornings when men are new-born, men who have the seeds of life in them.

- ...........Henry David Thoreau, January 26, 1853


When all the secrets are revealed,

When all the poets, gone to sleep,

Who then will hear our appeal,

Who then will hear us weep?

- ........Lon Frank

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------

-- Lon Frank (, July 18, 2000.

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