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Hey all - There is a small article in the NY Daily News this morning about the 7th season of ER. Here it is -

Dr. John Carter is in drug rehab in Atlanta. That's where ER viewers will find Noah Wyle's character when the medical drama returns to NBC in September.

Wyle let it slip Saturday night at the Project Angel Food Awards gala in Los Angeles after reading the first script of the new season. "My character is addited to drugs. If you saw the finale, you saw me injecting fentanyl into my own wrists. I'm detoxing. I stay in the rehab center for one episode. But one episode palys out like I've been there for 90 days."

Wyle spent his time during the show's hiatus tying the knot with makeup artist Tracy Warbin.

"We got married and then honeymooned in Carmel and Big Sur." he explains.

Now he's back to work on the seventh season of ER. With production officially set to begin today, Wyle's mind is still on to of his former ER costars, Julianna Margulies and George Clooney.

"I haven't spoken to Julianna," said Wyle. "I think she is still in Prague doing a movie."

As for Clooney, "I just left a message on his machine" on Friday, said Wyle. "I told him I missed him. I have talked to him since ("The Perfect Storm") opened, and I wanted to say congratulations on a great opening weekend."

There we did it for him.

-- Lisa (, July 18, 2000


Response to NY Daily News

Well we know one thing about 7th season. Ahh, how sweet. He misses his former costars. Well at least two of them anyways. I see he didn't say anything about Gloria or Kellie. I think it'll hit everyone on ER when they go back to work that Julianna, Kellie, and Gloria are really gone. I'm sure it hit them last year when George wasn't there in the beginning of 6th season.

-- Cammie (, July 18, 2000.

Response to NY Daily News

I think ER always does this for the first ep of a new season - they pick up where they left off in "real time" or close to real time... one exception was when they did the season 3 premiere on the 4th of July... I think Noah meant that the season premiere will pick up 90 days after the events of "may Day" which would make it mid-August in "ER"'s universe. I'm sure the episode won't be all about Carter... it will probably be intercut with scenes of him at rehab and scenes of the other characters back home in Chicago, maybe preparing for his return.

-- Tracy (, July 18, 2000.

Response to NY Daily News

The season premeir sounds really good. I can't wait until October!

-- Adorra (, July 18, 2000.

Response to NY Daily News

Well, Noah was alot closer to Julianna and George than he was Gloria or Kellie.

And the season premiere is almost always 2 or 3 months later. The season 6 premiere was certainly several months after the season 5 finale

-- JLS (, July 18, 2000.

Response to NY Daily News

Thanks for the info, Lisa. And thanks to Noah for keeping his fans in the loop!! I can hardly wait for the season premiere!!

-- anne (, July 18, 2000.

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