What is your favorite scent?

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Today's entry is all about scent. I too, am a big scent whore. I love anything smelling good. What is your favorite scent. Do you base this on an old memory?

-- Erynne (Erynne_C@yahoo.com), July 18, 2000


I guess since this is my question I should answer huh? I love cinnamon. I love my house to smell like it. For wearing, I don't like things to be sickeningly sweet. But for some reason I love Bath & Body Works Country Apple. that's pretty darn sweet! Some Vanilla's I love...Never tried any lush products, I'm kinda scared that it will start an addiction...

-- Erynne (erynne_c@yahoo.com), July 18, 2000.

Love the smell of rosemary. I can't pass my rosemary plant without fondling it and getting that wonderful woody smell on my hands. Avon makes a wonderful rosemary muscle rub that I use on my sweetie's feet after his soccer games. Tastes good on chicken too (rosemary, not his feet!)

-- Tamara (tamthor@hotmail.com), July 18, 2000.

well, I love Cinnamon stuff. For some reason it always reminds me of the US (I'm from France but I've lived in America as an exchange student). I am also addicted to Kenzo's perfumes, especially the one called "Jungle". It is divine. Very sweet and heady at the same time, very glamourous too. But what I love most about scents is the way they always reminds you of something (especially when you expect it last), like the grass when you were a kid or the smell of your first love, you know... Anyway -- have a great day !

-- Ophelia (ophelia@respublica.fr), July 19, 2000.

I love the smell of morning. I just returned from a bittersweet trip to Corvallis, Oregon (helping my octogenarian parents feel home in a new place after 45 years in a California home) and what will remain with me is walking out into the Oregon dawn and smelling the air, its vastness with a mixture of scents: the roses I would prune, the mown field beyond the housing development, the distant evergreens, the Cascade petunias, and more. I remember what mornings smelled like in the little neighborhood I lived in Mexico City, early, before diesel exhaust filled the air and women threw buckets of water to the sidewalks as they washed floors. I could already smell the makings of the squash flower (flor de calabasa) soup they were cooking for the midday meal. How different from the smells of living in downtown Bogota when I boarded the bus to be to my class at 6:00 am. The smells of ruanas, the kind of poncho the people wore, not repulsive, woolly smells, campesino breakfasty smells. And now Cambridge: street people, the ragtag chess players looking for a challenge at 7:00 am. The Necco factory across the street puts out smells of mint and chocolate mixed with morning vehicle fumes. MORNING

-- Bronwen (bronwenh@mit.edu), July 21, 2000.

Wow, you all, great choices! I'm a TOTAL scent whore. Bronwen, I used to live in Corvallis, so I know exactly what you mean about how it smells in summer... you make me miss it, even for the smell of the interminable rain in the colder months.

Other smells that do it for me: lavender, jasmine, gardenia, sandalwood, Abercrombie & Fitch women's cologne ... and as for the memories that are hard-wired to smells - where do I begin? Wet asphalt = London's Heathrow airport parking lot and me as a jet-lagged five-year old meeting my English kin; musty earth and leaves = when I was little and made forts in the bushes next to my house; Cinnabar perfume mixed with faint, sweet cigarette smoke = my mother... The list goes on. No sense is so undervalued as our sense of smell.

Great question!

-- Tess Rhodes (tess@zoomer.net), July 22, 2000.

I adore cinnamon! I can't get enough of it. I also love lavender and oranges. I love lemon or citrus of any kind. The sweetest smell I can think of is this perfume called "Sweet Honesty". My grandmother used to buy it for me when I was a young girl.

There are a million more, the one that turns me on the best, is english lavender soap, from Yardley of London. Especially when you and your boyfriend/husband/whoever take a bath together in it, and then you start sweating after, you can really smell the lavender. I know that probably sounds gross, but you asked! :)

Also, I think babies smell so innocent. They smell like Heaven would smell I think. :)

Thats all I will write for now. Stay blessed!

Erynne K.

-- Erynne K. (angelofdeath_ctl@yahoo.com), January 26, 2001.

Flower by Kenzo is amazing! My mother picked it up on a trip to Aruba in December. Its just about gone (all of my friends use it up) and you cant find it anywhere in the US!!! It smells very fresh and clean. Like baby powder and sof flowers. Guys absolutely love it and girls like it because its very feminine. Im dying to find it so if anyone knows where..........

-- Vicky (VictoriaLeigh3@hotmail.com), May 17, 2001.

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