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-- Patrick C. Hurley (, July 17, 2000


I like the graphic look of some of your images. With some of them, I would recommend some filtration but otherwise good. Cheers

-- Scott Walton (, October 24, 2000.

I like most of them. A few I like a lot. I'm tending to like the ones on the realistic side instead of the ones on the "departure from reality" side (the macro stuff). I particularly like the Cloud Relection (caked mud, puddle) and Condensation, which has a very nice feeling about it. I think you're talented, but I also think the quality is a little uneven. Don't you?

-- Dennis Archer (, June 22, 2001.

Thanks for your comments. Actually none of the work is macro -- the pieces that may look macro are actually just abstract, and it may be difficult to determine the scale. As for the quality being uneven, I disagree. All the work has been very carefully selected. Some photos may appeal to your sensibilities more than others, but all are in my voice, I think. There are a few that I might edit out in the future, to be replaced with newer, stronger work. I should be doing that soon.

Best wishes, Patrick

-- Patrick Hurley (, June 22, 2001.

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