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Elizabeth says I'm not much of a doctor and everyone else thinks the same thing. Well I would like to hear you say it yourself. Am I really a bad doctor?

-- Dr. Dave (, July 17, 2000


No or else you wouldn't have gotten this far. You are just not a very Detail Oriented kind of guy and you're not putting your best "professional" foot forward here at CCH.

-- Dr. Hicks (, July 17, 2000.

Dave you need to practice patience and compassion for your patients. And you need to stop arguing with Dr. Chen. Other than that, you are a pretty good doc.~~~~~~~ Mark

-- Stephanie (, July 17, 2000.

Hey, what do you mean argue with me? We never really argued. And even if we did I would have won! And, no, Dave yo'e not really a bad doctor, I'm just better!

-- Deb Chen (, July 17, 2000.

No Dave. You aren't that good. You fool around and do dumb things like drink milk from a bottle that you found in the frige. The only good thing you ever did was to admit that you may have left the gas on the day the explosion happened. Then again Lucy convinced you to amit to your mistake. Gee, now that I think about it I wonder if you would have even admitted it if Lucy hadn't have said anything. So no you're not a very good doctor.

-- Carol (i', July 17, 2000.

No. You don't have any compassion. When that one girl came in from the science class explosion you wouldn't talk to her and had me do it for you. You didn't even help my mom when she was crying while cleaning out my locker. Learn some compassion and stop fooling around and you'll be a great doctor!

-- Lucy (, July 17, 2000.

LUCY?!?! Aren't you dead?!? Oh no, I see dead people!

-- Dr. Dave (, July 17, 2000.

dave het a life.. i hope you grow up.

-- rachel (, July 17, 2000.

Relax Dave! I think your a cool doctor. Heck I never heard of that Jamaican Sickness until you told me about it. Don't worry abotu seeing Lucy who is dead. I see her as well and I asked her to haunt Ramano, and Cleo. Benton has no idea eitheir that it was me that asked her to do that. Hee Hee! See ya soon buddy!

-- Carter (i', July 17, 2000.

Well, Dave, I dont know much about you as a doctor, but I do know I really enjoyed dancing with you on Valentine's Day. You can be a little obnoxious and immature to Haleh, Conni and all the nurses, but everyone knows I love arrogant men. I really hope we can get together some time because I sort of have this crush on you. Carter is cute, too puny for me, and he's been withdrawn and moody since February. Luka is too mysterious, but he's really hot. And Benton could smile once in awhile. But you're buff, fun and I just love your smile. Meet me in the cafeteria, we can talk! Randi

-- Randi Fronczak (, July 17, 2000.

I heard that Randi! Puny!? I've been working out over here (there's not much else to do) and I'll challenge you to ANYTHING you want, no mercy! Remember when I had a beard, you thought I looked mythical. I just might come back with one again, but it will look alittle better this time. And sorry I've been so "moody", I just got stabbed, everyone knows I'm a drug addict, and Lucy's dead and haunting me (though I don't mind that very last part...Lucy, do you think I'm puny? What about my beard, did you like that?)

-- Carter (I'm coming, July 18, 2000.

No Carter I don't think you're puny. But i didn't like that beard. It was fun shabing it off that day.

-- Lucy (i', July 18, 2000.

Really, Dr. Malucci, are you still ranting about that? I think you could be a wonderful doctor- you just need to learn some discipline and have more consideration for your patients. Also, watch over your med-student, Abby Lockhart, more. She needs better supervision. I wish what had happened to John hadn't happened, but since it did, Abby falls to you. Control her and yourself and you'll be a fine doctor someday.


PS- I wish everyone on this board would stop calling me Liz or Lizzie. Who do you think you are? Romano?

-- Elizabeth Corday (, July 19, 2000.

No, you're not a bad dotor (Nobody else would've caught the Jamaican Vomiting Sickness (Great Expectations) or the folk remedy (Fear Of Commitment) but you desprately need to be more serious about the things you aren't as good ad (Relating to patients, not arguing with Jing-Mei, paper work, and admitting when you're wrong) Improve on those things and you'll be great

-- Kerry Weaver (, June 16, 2001.

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