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William may have talent as an actor, but the fact of the matter is that he is also a VERY VERY VERY pretty face. While there are more dimensions to him than solely the aesthetics, it is no shock that his sexual preference amongst other things is a topic of debate. It should not be considered abnormal nor unreasonable for a heterosexual female to be a tad heartbroken or perhaps even slightly disgruntled at the prospect of William "playing for the other team." (sorry if that is not PC; I couldn't think of anything catchier):):):)

-- (, July 17, 2000


point well recieved, however.....

I do agree with you, that people are going to want to know about certain things. Especially, in the case of sexual preference. That goes for any actor, I'm sure. And you do bring up an excellent point, about how William McNamara is "that" good looking that people would want to know. What I think I'm trying to say here, isn't even so much about Billy McNamara's sexuality. He has, for the record, been very involved with women. That is what I have heard, so that is what I am led to believe. I am speaking more along the lines of the continuous "harping" on the issue, than I am about the general curiousity. And so, I won't even write another message about this, because this is exactly what I was referring to. All I was trying to point out, was imagine going to work each day.....(the office, etc.) You work on a project that you are proud of, but insted of the anyone taking intrest in something you worked so hard for, labored for, they all keep asking "who are you sleeping with when you go home at night?" It may only be curiousity, but some times, well, it can kill the cat!


-- Deirdre (, July 17, 2000.

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