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I have spent some time viewing messages on this board and I have a question. Do you think William McNamara gets a good feeling about his fans or this site, when so many seem to be stuck on things that have nothing to do with his career? I visit this site because I like Billy McNamara and his work. Would I like to meet him? Sure. Being a 25 year old strait woman, would I like to think that he likes women? Yes. But then, reality sets in and I contemplate what my chances are of meeting him.....and my buisness in knowing his sexual preference. And reality tells me it is none of my concern and I go on enjoying his work! What any person eats for breakfast or how they put the toilet paper on the roll is personal. As is his relationship status. As fans, we should be respecting his privacy, so he feels good anytime he visits his OWN website. Hey, it's not that I don't hear you guys though! I just say to myself, "Well, if I can't be his wife someday, then I'll just have to admire him from a far." LOL Remember, admiring and obsessing are two different things!


-- Deirdre (, July 17, 2000

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