1939 panel truck railroad truck

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I'm trying to locate a picture of how the truck was painting, web site for this vehicle and how many are still around. the truck was used by the seaboard railroad to deliver mail and I 'am having a hard time trying to get help to locate information on this style truck. the truck has a 60 series flathead motor in it. if you could help, thank you! e-mail address cave_man2@juno.com

-- russ dail jr (cave_man2@juno.com), July 16, 2000


I can't help you with lettering info for this truck, or for adaptations made to it for it to run on the rails, but the Early Ford V-8 Club of America would be a good contact for general information on this type vehicle. I own a '38 Ford pickup, which is similar to a '39--the biggest difference being that '38 had mechanical brakes and '39 had hydraulics. I have to get up close to tell a '38 from a '39, and I know these old trucks intimately. Be glad to send you pics of my '38 if it'll help you (the pickup and panel truck are the same from the doors forward. I have a Ford advertizing brochure from 1938 that features the '38 60 HP panel truck. The truck you are interested in had to have been on the standard 112" wheelbase chassis, which was the standard passenger car chassis also used under 1/2 ton trucks. The 60 HP engine was never installed in anything larger than the 1/2 ton pickup and panel trucks (1938 Model 81C, 1939 Model 91C) --Lamar Wadsworth

-- Lamar Wadsworth (LW.Sou.Ry.steam@juno.com), July 19, 2000.

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