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I found the Mensa "workout" rather intertaining. I didn't try too hard, and may have went over the 30 minute time limit by a couple of minutes. I scored 22 out of 30 and according to the results page have a "good chance" of passing the Mensa exam. I thought I did rather poorly, I would have been happier with 25 or better.

I have taken other sample Mensa exams in the past for the fun of it, and they all seem to have similar questions and "tricks" in some cases. The sequencing questions are interesting, the various types of alphanumeric sequences that are typically present can be easily learned by doing a lot of them....there's nothing original about most of them. As Mensa states, this is not an IQ test. I agree, in fact, IMHO the Mensa tests are a combination of: 1. Numerical sequencing "tricks" 2. Visual problems including more sequences 3. Verbal skill problems

I always do well on the visuals (a guy thing) and pretty fair on the numerical sequences...the verbals get me though (I get about half or a little better right).

Throw out the verbals (which are a measure of verbal skills and knowledge, not intelligence) and what you have left is a bunch of "puzzles", so IMHO, Mensa is a society for people who like and do well at puzzles. Any thoughts from others who have taken such tests as Mensa?

-- FactFinder (, July 16, 2000

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