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The Sunday newspaper magazine today has a little blurb about Noah Wyle and his new bride. Soneone asked if he was going to be the next one to leave the show and the answer is -No- his contract is for 2 more seasons and then the person answering the question makes a plea for him to have a more engaging story line than the one he had last year. Hello? She must not have heard the raves from the ER fans. Her e-mail address is and her name is Lorrie Lynch. But just a little aside, I think that Noah and his new bride look like brother and sister. Am I the only one who thinks this?

-- joan (, July 16, 2000


I think most people who have seen their pictures say they look alike. I always call them the identical twins. The People Magazine edition after the one they were in had someone write in and ask if they were twins seperated at birth. Noah has been known to say, "She looks like me in drag." I was like, "Oh, nice, Noah. While you are hot, and your wife is pretty, I don't think you would make a pretty woman." :) JMHO

-- kristal (, July 16, 2000.

You don't think so? :-) On ER Weekly this week we have a screen shot from "Whose Appy Now" where Kerry was morphing into Carter... that's how Noah would look as a woman I guess... with an earring and everything. :-)

-- Ellen (, July 16, 2000.

Okay I'm probably going to get slated for this but an I the only one who thinks Tracey (Noah's wife) looks like a younger version of Barbra (sp?) Streisand? Actually I heard her speaking once and I thought I was watching the Mirror Has Two Faces all over again. But if someone else agress with me don't you think it's a very strange coincidence that Carter's sister is called Barbra (isn't it?) and people keep on saying Noah and Tracy look like brother and sister? (Okay I'm rambling and not very coherently, that's what I get for staying on the internet after midnight)

-- Lara Aine (, July 16, 2000.

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