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This one is just for journallers.

And was thoroughly discussed over drinks tonight.

If your online journal was a car, what make and model would it be?

Maybe a sporty 2 door coup? A Land Rover? A stingray? Charger? VW Bus? Mercedes?

Think about it, then tell.

-- Jackie (, July 16, 2000


A pick-up truck, Dodge Ram, in a dark blue. Shiny. Roll bar, crash bar, mud flaps. Pun-inspired bumper sticker.

Pick-up trucks are so me.

-- sherry (, July 16, 2000.

An old Honda Civic hatchback.

Rusty, falling apart, but slowly remaking it into something that's nice and comfy.

Hatchback since I let people in then boot them out the back door (sorry ... only people on my notify list would catch the meaning behind that).

-- marilyn (, July 16, 2000.

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