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I guess LL is back, huh?

-- WhatTheFuck (sdkjskdjfk@akdjfkjf.asdlkhjffds), July 15, 2000


and this time she SHOULD have a criminal complaint filed against her, as we all should not have to be subject to her bullshit again. She wants to destroy another forum? I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt-Now I truly know she is mentally ill and totally narcisistic-like she is the only one that matters. And now she is messing up another forum, and we are going to have to ignore all these fucking posts.

LL be damned.

-- WhatThe Fuck (asdkjhfljasf@adsadsfj.sakjfhsd), July 15, 2000.

Actually, This looks more like Hawk's work to prove a point to Andy Ray that he is not being monitored. Okay Hawk, you have proved your point. Are you a bit looped this weekend? Did BTM get to your head? You too are starting to look a little self-centered, bud. Knock it off okay?

-- On Second Thought (Enough@ofhawk.too), July 15, 2000.

I kind of wonder if it is Hawk too. Carlos? Brian? cpr? Netghost? Andy Ray? Sysman? Probably Hawk though. Seems about as intelligent as the whole Big Text Man thing though.

-- What the Handkerchief? (W@t.o), July 16, 2000.

The complaint has always been that LL is nothing more than a cyber slut. She has no credibility whatsoever. Follow the rat, they always drop their shit everywhere.

-- guesswho (guesswhooo@guesswhooo.xcom), July 18, 2000.

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