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Eminem's Assault Hearing Postponed
Eminem won a postponement of a preliminary hearing on assault and weapons charges (stemming from his June 4 alleged pistol-whipping incident) scheduled for Tuesday, but there appears to be no relief in sight from his problems at home. Court papers did not say why the multi-platinum rapper wanted more time before facing the charges in Warren's 37th District Court, but his wife's recent suicide attempt may have had something to do with it. A Sterling Heights police report and a 911 tape released Tuesday cast more light on the tragic incident.

Police said that when they arrived at Eminem's Sterling Heights home, they found Kimberley Mathers "quite upset and crying," with blood dripping from both arms. After seeing that her wrists were wrapped with a towel, a police officer said he "asked Kimberley why she injured herself and she stated 'There has got to be a better place than this.'"

On the 911 tape, a woman who identified herself as Kim Mathers' mother called for an ambulance and begged her daughter to let her help. "She won't let me touch her to stop [the bleeding]," the woman said. "She won't let me touch her." Seconds later, after telling a dispatcher her daughter had a razor blade, the woman screamed, "Put it down. Put it down!"

Police said Eminem was not home at the time. His wife was treated and released from a local hospital. Kim Mathers' attorney, Neil Rockind, declined comment on the incident. He did say, however, that his client has suffered from intense public scrutiny. "She never wanted to be a celebrity," Rockind said. "She was unfortunately thrust into the position."

Calling Kim Mathers a very pleasant and likable person, Rockind said her critics -- which include Eminem's mother and uncle -- should leave her alone. "She needs time to heal both emotionally and physically."

Eminem's preliminary examination, where prosecutors will present witnesses they believe will convince a judge to send his assault case to trial, has been rescheduled for Aug. 31. The Detroit rapper faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

Eminem waved his right to a preliminary hearing on Friday in Royal Oak and agreed to go to trial on separate charges that he flashed an unregistered gun at an associate of the Insane Clown Posse on June 3.

His lawyer, Walter Piszczatowski, said Eminem was innocent of assault and predicted that the case would be resolved before going to trial.


(July 13, 2000)

-- All the News That is Fit to Print (News@and.such), July 15, 2000


There has got to be a better place than this."

Getting a job and meeting the responsibilities that most people have might be a better place, but who knows. Personally, I just cant find any empathy for these folks that seem to have so much and yet have so little.

She should have cut HIS wrists and done the music world a favor.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), July 15, 2000.

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? please stand up? Whoop Whoop! Dr. Stinky be in 'da house. Whoop Whoop!

-- Dr. Stinky (feet@are.stinky), July 15, 2000.

I am a respectful person, whether any of you agree so or not. I was indeed thrusted into being what you call a "celebrity," and I am not at all happy about that. My name, my husband's name, and most importantly, my daughter's name is now a public matter. If any of you were placed in my position you would feel the same way.

Thank you, Kimberley A. Mathers

-- Kimberle Mathers (, June 01, 2002.

I must admit out of bordom i have been reading stuff online tonight about both Kim and Eminem. I can't say i know how it feels to be in yours shoes cause i dont. But i do know divorce is very painful on anyone but being a woman i think we tend to take it worse then the guys do. There is alot about your personal life alot of us dont know and i feel thats the way it should be after all you and him afterall are normal human people just like the rest of us. Its sad things didnt work out different for you two but someone wise once said to me isnt it so sad that most of our lives are controled by things that we have no control over. I hope for both Kim and Marshall ( let me use his real name once ) move on and get past this hurt in their life cause there really are alot of kewl things out there to live for. Kim if u do ever read this regardless of what has happened in the past i know its hard but you have to make the best of the world you was thrown into since you was with him. I hope you find peace and happiness and even love cause we all deserve it even though most of us never find it. Me personal i gave up on men but that seems to be my luck. Maybe things will get better for both of us

Angela M Hein

-- Angela M Hein (, June 11, 2002.

Many of the problems that existed in this relationship were brought into it from Kim and Marshall's past. Most adults are able to learn and grow beyond whatever hell they may have suffered from while growing up. I know Kim's mom does not love Kim. For whatever reasons she is unable to. Kim never learned to love or deal with her emotions. She was quite young when she and Marshall got together. She had no positive family experiences to learn from. She is still stuck in her past both mentally and emotionally and has no true idea of how messed up her perception of the world and most people is. I say all of this from personal experience. I have known Kim for several years and have seen just about every side of her. Yes, she is sweet and funny and kind but she is also vindictive, spiteful, hateful, cruel, and just about everything that Eminem has said about her in his music. One of her biggest flaws is her inability to read sincerity in people. I have met the people she surrounds herself with and they are all parasites(including her money-hungry mother). I don't know if I have ever met one of her "friends" who truly cared about Kim. It is too bad that she never recognized the few people who actually cared about HER. Now it is too late. She has successfully alienated the few people who could have provided her with love and acceptance unconditionally. Not everyone is smitten with fame and money. Some of us have truly found peace and happiness and know how to give and receive love, no strings attached. Kim's life is a tragedy and she is perpetuating this in her daughter's, as her mother did in her and her sister's,lives. I can't imagine how lonely her world must be.

-- marie hartter (, July 09, 2002.

Damn, why dont everybody leave Kim, Marshall, and Hailie alone. Nobody knows shit about them..

-- Barbara miller (, July 27, 2002.

I am not married to a 'rap star'. Therefore, I don't know what its like to be in those shoes. However, I also have a daughter and I am a single mom....and let me tell you. Never would I consider suicide, regardless of the circumstances. This is in no way a condemnation of Kimberley Mathers....but lets just get off the pity train for a moment and think logically. Come back to reality here and learn from it. Stop being so selfish and think of your child. A little girl having to grow up with the knowledge that her mother killed herself? Come on. Grow up. Act your age, and act like someone who has the responsibility of another human. That goes for both Marshall and Kimberley.

-- Sebring (, August 12, 2002.

now im sure kim is a lovly lady and usually wouldnt hurt a fly. but dont u think that marring rapper is a risky choice (especialy a rapper like eminem with such a bad childhood). Eminem did not make kim try to commit suicide that was not really his fault he probly had an impact but he did nt tell her 2.I am a huge fan of Eminem i really think he rules. But y dont u all fuck off and leave eminem kim and hailie-jade alone they dont need your fucking comments. from Stacey

-- Stacey (, September 04, 2002.

kim is not very nice at all she tried to take hallie away from marshall and i dont find that fair.

so what if she tried to kill herself its a pitty that she has the last name mathers i mean shes giving the name a bad reputation.

-- sarah applebee (, November 10, 2002.

I think Eminem is a lovely guy. I know nothing about him at all, we only go by what we see on TV. I know what it's like to love Someone that you have invested so much time in especially if you and this person have a child together. However I honestly don't think Kim deserves him. I have had a very bad and I mean very bad childhood,and I tried to commit suicide too but this was before I had my daughter, now that I have her I couldn't imagine hurting her by killing myself.Sometimes you have to put your feelings aside for the sake of your child. I wish I was dating Eminem He would be a happy camper, I'm not saying that he's not happy now I'm just saying I would make him happier....without a doubt. Everybody feels pain and maybe Kim just has another way of dealing with hers.

-- Monique (, December 19, 2002.

I think its beautifull how he treats his daughter i mean he eis agreat father and i hope everything works out for him in the future and why did eminem get back with kim EEEwe she is ugly and fat its feral.Hailie jade is agreat name who named name is hayley to bet spelt differ.luv ya EM and hailie

-- hailie (, January 16, 2003.

Yes as some people said I think alot of people don't know Eminem or Kim and if they don't know anything about them then how do they make up all this sh*t?! People only see one side of Kim and that side is what you hear in Eminems songs.Its true Kim has had a hard life and I think that how you are brought up has alot todo with how you act;so I think Kim just handles her situations in the only way she knows how too.

-- Kristin Freidel (, February 02, 2003.

My opinion goes as followed. Number one, I have no mercy for the fact that Kim is stuck with her name in the media. When she married Eminem she was well aware of the fact that his talent was known by the world. Second, she is now reuniting with Eminem b/c of her deep love for him. But a few months back that love wasn't all to deep while she was getting knocked up by another man. And now Eminem (who is such a bad person) is support her child as his own. That takes a man to do that. I firmly believe that this young couple once did love each other. But due to constant fighting and no trust in each other, their relationship fell apart. I also don't believe that things will change. Kim always complained that Eminem was always on the road and she was alone. So what will be different now. It seems to be that she wants him to give up his stardom and give his 100% attention to her. The real person I feel bad for in this situation is Hailie. (who is such an adorable little princess) The never ending tramua of her parents has to be hard on her. I think both Eminem and Kim are good parents. I would just like to see them resolve their problems whether it be reuniting or moving on. For their daughters sake. I do not know either of them in a personal manner. All I know is what is in the media and in Eminems music. But I believe that Eminem deserves someone who is going to love him for him and not his fame. He could do himself a lot of good if he found someone who is secure enough about themselve to generate a healthy loving relationship.

-- Jamie Kemp (, March 07, 2003.

I heard that they got remarried in Novemember 2002, I don't really know if that's true, but what I think is that it's great that they want to try again, I hope they go to counselling, I don't think people really realize how much it can help to repair emotional damage. I think that even though he is a great guy I understand that she is the only woman who loved him for him, which is proven by the fact that she was there before, and if any woman deserves to have him love her (other then me) it is Kim. She was quite obviously his muse for some songs, and without her there would not have been any of the controversy that helped spring him into everyone in the worlds radar. I hope that everything goes well, and I am not sure how everyone can bash her for having a baby with someone else, THEY WERE DIVORCED!!!!! Anyways, all the best to them and their future, and I believe that we will prbably only get one more album if that out of him, because I would bet dollars to doughnuts that this time he is going to stay home and make this work.

-- Kristy Pisty (, March 15, 2003.

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