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ATLANTA (AP) -- EarthLink Inc.
said Friday it has reached an
agreement with the FBI to avoid
future use of an electronic surveillance
device called Carnivore that
disrupted Internet access for some
EarthLink customers earlier this

The Atlanta-based company, which
has about 4.2 million subscribers
nationwide, said it had installed
the snooping software for the FBI at a
data center in Pasadena, Calif.,
earlier this year after it lost a decision
on the matter in federal court.

When Carnivore wouldn't work
with an operating system on the
company's machines, an older
system was installed for the device,
which then led some servers
to crash, EarthLink's director of
technology acquisition told The
Wall Street Journal for a story in
Friday's editions.

AltaVista Live

-- spider (, July 15, 2000



Wonder if that's what's the matter with AOL lately, too?

-- Sam (, July 15, 2000.

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