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NC - Train derails near Iredell Avenue By BRETT MILSTEAD Record & Landmark MOORESVILLE - A section of train carrying wheat to Bay State Flour Mill derailed Friday, closing down a section of Iredell Avenue for part of the afternoon.

The accident occurred just north of the intersection of Iredell Avenue and Broad Street in the downtown area.

The cars, belonging to Canadian Pacific Railway, left the track when one of the railings twisted and broke, causing one car to slide completely off the tracks and dump part of its wheat payload.

The two cars flanking the derailed car were pulled halfway off the rails.

No one was injured when the train cars left the track.

Mooresville Fire Marshall Bobby Compton arrived on the scene looking for potential fire hazards resulting from the accident.

"There is no damage to the engines," Compton said Friday afternoon. "Our concern now is the blocked intersection."

The train's engineer, Richard Berry, said he did not know the train had slipped off the track until someone else on the train notified him.

"I didn't feel anything," Berry said from inside of the engine control room. "The brakeman radioed to me and told me to stop."

Officials with Norfolk Southern Railroad were working Friday evening to separate the rest of the train from the derailed cars and clear the blocked intersection.

They refused to comment on the accident.

-- Doris (, July 15, 2000

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