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I rode the Champion in 1955. I would like to know of photos of the Orlando,Florida station in about 1955. I have all the books on the ACL,but I don't see photos of this particular station in that time frame. Any answers? Thanks,Mike

-- David M. Kennerly (, July 14, 2000


Dave - Here are some spots on the Internet you may want to check. The Florida State Library as 390 RR stations at: On the home page, Click on the line of type below the photographers picture which says Search. On the next page, type in Orlando Stations in the search window. The next screen will give you nine thumbnails. Scroll down to No.s 6 to 9. These are the ACL Orlando station, albeit in the era when it was built. Click on the photo image for an enlargement. You might also want to keep an eye on eBay Auctions: Click on Collectables and on the next screen scroll down to PAPER and click on postcards. In the Search window, type in Orlando. Currently (July 14, 2000) there were two pc's of the ACL station being offered, and interestingly enough, one of the cards (#380888041) is a color version of one of the photos at the Florida Library site... With an added automobile! There is a known linen postcard (1940's) showing ACL purple E-unit #515 beside the Orlando station with people waiting to board and a crewman in the cab doorway. You may want to keep an eye on eBay to see if this card shows up as it's rather commonly seen.

-- Tom Underwood (, July 14, 2000.

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