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Watch the Anon Doomers HOWL. Then ask WHY would they tolerate IRRESPONSIBLE ANONYMOUS POSTING?


In late May, a Florida judge ruled that an anonymous critic is not entitled
to any special privileges preventing his or her unmasking in litigation just
because the comments were posted on the Internet. Rejecting First
Amendment arguments, Judge Eleanor Schockett of the Miami-Dade County
Circuit Court ordered that Yahoo and America Online comply with a subpoena
and reveal the names of online posters so they could be named as defendants
in a libel suit. The lawyer for the defendants has said that his clients
will appeal the decision to the Third District Court of Appeal in Miami and
that he will seek a stay of the order pending appeal. The suit originated
with a Yahoo message board in which several anonymous users posted allegedly
false and defamatory statements about the company Hvide Marine, Inc. and its
chief executive officer, ultimately resulting in his resignation. Further
information may be found at


-- cpr (, July 14, 2000


So many pots calling so many kettles black, huh cpr? Or is it "anon(anon@anon.anon)" today? Or is it.....?

-- (Got.Your.Number@Charlie.Boy), July 14, 2000.

You couldn't call *my* number if you had the money for a pre-paid card from 7-11.

-- cpr (, July 14, 2000.

I'd have to agree that this is the pot calling the kettle black, Charlie. One can't "talk the talk" about "Oh, sheeted one" and then "walk the walk" of anonymity.

Personally, I've never understood why folks keep switching from one handle to another. I WANT to be responsible for what I say, EVERY time I say something. Then again, I'm a strong believer in personal responsibility.

-- Anita (, July 14, 2000.

Nothing new here. As always, it ain't libel if its true.

-- Hiway (, July 14, 2000.

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