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While my bike was naked, I decided to lift up the seat also for that ultra minimalist look. I never noticed it before, but there is a spec sticker underneath. It said Octane: 96 min. The nearest airport is 30 min away, thats the only place I know where to get that kind of fuel. She's at 1000+ miles and no knock or ping from 93 octane. Can someone clarify this. Thanks.

-- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), July 14, 2000


Octane Explained

In the site above, it confirmss what you have stated. It looks like 89 at the pump is possible. But I like the extra cleaning additives they add to the 93 octane.

-- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), July 18, 2000.

Pardon me if I don't have this exactly right but this is nothing to worry about. American pumps display a octane rating that is an average of RON and MON. RON is what the Euros usually go by and is the higher number. If the engine doesn't ping it doesn't need any more octane. In fact the greatest power is usually produced by the lowest octane gas that doesn't ping.

-- Scott Rothermel (jsratcas@aol.com), July 15, 2000.

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