S-mart 3.0 Problem (Gregory & Chuck's Updated Script)

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I have downloaded S-mart 3.0, installed and configured, but have obviously missed something. I have a two item, two "group" database, that is read correctly by the script. The ADD TO CART button when clicked, just sits there and spins, but never goes anywhere, or returns an error. The "Checkout" and "List Items In Cart" buttons both correctly say that there are no items in the cart. I have compared the source from the site where the files were downloaded, and everything looks similar. We are running on an NT server.

The address is: http://www.webmatter.net/cgi-bin/shop/smart1/smart.cgi.

Thanks for any help. This script looks great, and I would really like to get it working!!!!

-- Bryan T (bryant@webmatter.net), July 13, 2000

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