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Greetings. Jordan Patkin (3D photographer and collector of rare cameras--amazing stuff!) told me yesterday that a new 35mm film had just been patented. They found a way to push the grains together, with no gap in 80 million pixels! Of course, I swooned at hearing this, as I was just about to invest in the Contax 645 and will definitely wait now. Jordan said that already Fuji, Kodak, and Konica have licensed rights to produce this new film, but that it won't be available for another 6-8 months. Does anyone else have any info on this film, or have a web link to more info? Thanks, Sandi

-- Sandi (, July 13, 2000


I wouldn't let some rumor about a new film dictate my camera purchase. After all, why would anyone shoot large format B&W when there is Tech Pan?

-- Tim Brown (, July 13, 2000.


-- chuck norris (, April 12, 2001.

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