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Why does Carter only seem to go out with blondes? I don't remember if Elaine was blonde or not. Speaking of Elaine wasn't she just a liitle old for him? She looked like she was at least 40 years old IMO. Anyways why isn't he interested in women with brown or black hair? I have just notice this. He was interested in Abby, Harper, Anna, Roxanne, and Lucy. Well he may have only done that with Lucy to get back at Dale. Hee! Hee! I think that's all of them. He was interested in Susan as well. If there are anymore then I don't remember at this time who it was.

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), July 12, 2000


Oh shoot! I screwed up! I accidently didn't put a title in and instead my e-mail address showed up. Could someone please change the title if at all possible. It should have read Carter and Blondes. If anyone can change that it would really be appreciated. I don't know how to do it myself. Thanks! Sorry if this is any inconvience but I really don't want my e-mail address as a title.

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), July 12, 2000.

Perhaps because the only time he dated a brunette she infected him with STD. (Remember? Liz, Into that good night, first season)

-- Claudia (spicla@libero.it), July 13, 2000.

its ok..we all screw up cammie! :) anyways with the cast we have now, i dont think carter is gonna have a desent relationship. i think the writers will probably try jing-mei and carter.

-- rachel (thehilfigergirl@aol.com), July 13, 2000.

Elaine was blonde. And as for her being too old, well...People say that a woman that age is at her sexual peak. I don't know how true that is, but one of my ex-boyfriends was once engaged to a 40-year- old woman. He was about 21 at the time, I think. He said she "oozed sex." It must be a hormonal thing, a lot of younf men find older women attractive. Ever seen the movie "The Graduate"? (Though some of you might still be in high school, they might not let you watch it in that case.) Besides, it seemed like Carter really had deep feelings for Elaine, trying to be there for her during her bout with cancer.

-- Cecelia (evilstoat@hotmail.com), July 13, 2000.

Carter was interested in Chuny's friend in "responsible parties" (season 5) that seemed to be of south american origin

-- Elisabeth (sweetliz141@aol.com), July 13, 2000.

Carter was interested in Chuny's friend in "responsible parties" (season 5). she wasn't blonde but seemed to be of south american origin

-- Elisabeth (sweetliz141@aol.com), July 13, 2000.

Carter went out on a date with a darkhaired radiologist during the winter time of season one. He went out with Liz early in season one who had dark hair. He expressed interest in Susan who had brown hair. He was definitly interested in the dark hair friend of Chuni. I think it has been more of a case that TPTB have just picked blond haired( natural or bleached) actresses to have roles on ER than Carter preferring blondes.

-- Brenda (jckwfan@aol.com), July 13, 2000.

Susan leaned more toward the blonde end of the hair spectrum IMHO.

-- S. Trelles (trelles@ix.netcom.com), July 13, 2000.

I remember seeing her hair fluctuate from medium brown hair to light brown hair. She never had blond hair.

-- Brenda (jckwfan@aol.com), July 13, 2000.

I think Carter should be interested in Chuny!!! Yeah, it does seem he only goes out with blondes. At least they all seem to be pretty decent. I think the diziest (no offense to any blondes, I'm playing on a stereotype here) was Abby Keaton and she was probably the most educated and experienced. I would have liked to see Carter more hooked with Anna, and I liked him with Harper as well.

-- Joanne (bucklind@hotmail.com), July 13, 2000.

If I remember correctly, Carter was also interested in Maggie Doyle. She had dark hair. He asked her out and that's when she told him she was a lesbian.

-- Julie (jbarracato@angelfire.com), July 15, 2000.

That might explain it right there. He got a disease from that one lady (I forgot her name) with brown hair I think in season 1 and Maggie was gay. Maybe he only has good luck with blondes. I said it might explain it.

-- Andie (none@non.com), July 15, 2000.

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