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We are a christian family of 7 (soon to be 8). We've just sold our home in NH and are interested in WV (my husband needs mtns). We are looking for raw land or land with buildings,etc. under $45,000. We would appreciate any info, good or bad, that folks would be willing to share with us. We have raised rabbits, chickens (broilers and layers), turkeys, milking goats and pigs. We would love to have enough land for a cow or two and the other assorted farm animals, (at least 10 acres), as well as a large garden area. I know I am pushing it but maybe a river, brook or pond on the property. My husband is a general contractor/builder. Are there employment opportunities as well? Thank you in advance for responding.

-- Edward & Tina Nason (, July 12, 2000


How I found my farm is I knew the general area where I wanted it to be, then located the county seat in each county. I wrote to the Chamber of Commerce in each asking to be referred to a real estate company. They then contacted me and I picked out one. To them I sent a list of my requirements and asked for listings. Several times I took a week off from work and visited one county a day looking only at the properties which were of potential interest. The non-looking time (before the realty opened and after visiting sites) I spent more or less just driving around to get a feel for the area. If I came across a small general store I'd stop, buy a little something and use the opportunity to talk to whoever was running the place. They will tell you things the real estate agent didn't. If you can find a sitter for the kids you might try this.

They say if you took West Viginia and stretched it out flat it would be the largest state in the union. However, there are areas of NC, SC, VA and TN which might be of interest to you also.

There is a rough correlation between high unemployment/low paying jobs and land prices. Fortunately your husband has a skill which is fairly transferable to another location, but even then it will take time to build up a customer base. What about jobs for your kids though in the future? Your oldest may already be a teenager.

On housing, manufactured homes (single and double-wides) are very popular in the lower half at least east of the Mississippi. On some double-wides today it is hard to tell them from a regular house. Nice aspect are most dealer's self-finance at competitive rates and you have housing just about as soon as a well and septic system can be put in. Repossessed one can be had for about half the cost of new. My experience is they are good if taken care of, but they can get beat up in a hurry otherwise. (I live in a 16'x80 single-wide.)

On finding my particular farm I tell this story. On the second day of looking, on the second property, we drove through a cornfield - literally - since I wanted to see a field across Blue Creek. The car was parked next to the corn, which was higher than it. Walking back to the car I asked the agent what time the ballgame started. From Waverly I went down to Holenwald (which means high forest in Swiss) and checked into THE motel in Holenwald. Turned on the TV to the movie channel and what movie to you think was just starting - Field of Dreams. I took it for a sign and this farm became the one to beat. Took about six months of on-again, off-again negotiations (since it was two adjoining properties), but I got it. I have since doubled the size by buying up adjoined woodlands.

Good luck on your endeavor.

-- Ken Scharabok (, July 13, 2000.

I bought my 154 acres of almost heaven 10 years ago in Harrisville. I haven't regretted it one minute. Here's the numbers for a couple of agents in town: Century 21 The Jackson Land Company (888)643-2121 web page and Town and Country (304) 643-4075. Hope this helps Rob

-- Rob Shipe (, July 13, 2000.

I have lived in WV all my life and I love it. Although I wish that we lived farther out in the country. We have 14 acres between Huntington and Charleston, the two major cities. If looking for property try Also you can contact me and I will help you get in contact with some real estate agents or help with any questions.


-- Lisa Estes (, July 14, 2000.

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