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-- cpr (, July 12, 2000


NOW.......Doomers...what did you say your "problems" were??

-- cpr (, July 12, 2000. 'bout a hint, ey?

-- yesitis (, July 12, 2000.

Thanks to Anita and cpr, I now know more about Dallas than I ever knew, even tho my brother lives there.

-- Lars (, July 12, 2000.

Story has nothing to do with Dallas. Its a story of someone faced with poverty and overcoming it in the least expected corner by using the NET.

This story is about a border town and if you know anything, most people of Mexican birth live in conditions Anglo=Americans don't want to know about. Mission, Texas is about as far away from DFW as Kansas City. In terms of living conditions, its only 1937 vs. Dallas' Yr.2015 Dallas, TX to Mission, TX 560.8 miles 11 hours 32 mins ------------ Dallas, TX to Kansas City, KS 552.6 miles 10 hours 6 mins

. -----------------------------

-- cpr (, July 12, 2000.

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