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iam shooting a film and would like to know firstly do i need permision from song artist to use there material in my film secondly are there rules that i must stick to issued by a governing body like ITC or something else like that. thirdly who do i sell it to or how do i get it on at the cinema.

-- dominic mark (DOM2115UK@YAHOO.COM), July 12, 2000


(1)Yes, you need permission to use any music for which there is a copyright. But copyright free music is also available. Try Elite video. They offer copyright free music at a reasonable price.(2) If Filming in public areas call your local film comission for permits applicable.(3)Best venues would be the film festivals (it wouldn't hurt to get a sponsor)that way you can get the financing you need before shooting.

-- A.J.Garces (, November 06, 2000.

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