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If anyone is looking for a 150mm Takumar, there is one for sale in Phoenix at Ritz Collectibles. It looks to be a bargain at $250. The condition is stated to be a "9". If I didn't already have one, I'd be looking at this one. Their site is Anyone know how good the deals are at World Photo compared with Caymen? The new prices seem quite low. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (, July 11, 2000


I just saw a 400mm on ebay starting at $900 but with no reserve. The seller is saying it's a Pentax but I suspect it is a Takumar. Anyway, it is mint and if one could get it below $1200, it would be a steal. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (, July 15, 2000.

Here are a few prices I recently received from Cayman Camera (about 2 months ago), compared with World Photo's advertised prices in the July issue of Popular Photography.

Pentax 67II body, Cayman--1285.00, World Photo--1279.00 45mm f4 669.00 639.00 55mm f4 716.00 699.00 105mm f2.4 373.00 369.00 55-100 zoom 1239.00 1329.00

On most items World Photo seems to beat Cayman. I just now called World Photo to confirm the prices and the salesman said all advertised prices are correct. Then I asked him for his name, and there was a long silence. I asked again, and then I heard talking in the background. After a few seconds he came back on the line and said "would you like to order now sir?" I said "I'll call back later, but I'll need your name so I can ask for you when I call". He said "thank you for calling sir", and hung up. I've never had a sales person refuse to give me their name before. This makes me a little nervous, but maybe someone else has had a different experience. I'd like to hear from someone who has bought P67 equipment from them. Did they stick to their advertised prices? Was shipping reasonable? Cayman is VERY high on shipping. Bob

-- Bobby Mahaffey (, July 12, 2000.

Sorry about the way the prices above came out. The first price is always Cayman Camera's, the second is World Photo's. They were in columns when I typed them, but they didn't come out that way when I sent the message. Bob

-- Bobby Mahaffey (, July 12, 2000.

If you havent already learned the golden rule of shopping for camera equipment in NY here it is (and this applies no matter how cheap you think you are): If you cant afford to pay B&H price then you cant afford it. Buying from anyone for less will cause you heartache. So if you have to pay B&H prices then buy it from B&H. World Photo would be the last place this side of the galaxy I would buy medium format equipment from (I speak from experience, they rate right up there with Cambridge). Caymen, never dealt with them, often wonder.

-- Milton Barrocas (, July 20, 2000.

The service I got from Cambridge Camera and Wall Street Camera sucked hard way back 30 years ago. It is amusing to hear nothing has changed.

The most delightful service I have received in a LONG time is from Robert White in the UK.

-- Bruce Gavin (, July 21, 2000.

I wasn't trying to endorse B&H. I simply meant that if you find any price in NY lower than B&H you will likely get the run around, so the B&H price is a good indicator. I personally have had a couple of not so good experiences with B&H like film tied with rubber bands instead of a film box but overall no hassles. I have also dealt with Adorama and Focus camera with good experience but their prices are just like B&H. In every case that I tried dealing with the other hooligans to try to save a few bucks I got shafted. Nowadays whenever I think I need something I look up the price at B&H. If its too high then I cant afford it and wont buy it. Actually if you are unfortunate enough to live in California even B&H prices seem unrealistically low. There is only one outfit in my area serving millions of people with no competition for 50 miles. Their prices are outrageous so I buy everything mail order. Over the years I have been bitten a lot of times before learning the golden rule so now I just save myself the hassle and put out a few more dollars. I have always wanted to drop by NY and visit some of these outfits to look face to face at the con artists...maybe in the future.

-- Milton Barrocas (, July 24, 2000.

In Southern Califoria,Orange County,Irvine; I use Pro-Connection.Very good prices. Pro equipment sale or rent.Pro lab as well.Wish I`d found them sooner.

-- jason gold (, September 01, 2000.

I suggest to check Delta international .com their price for 6x7 is $1,229,aldo pentx lens prices may be higher,they include a 3 year warenty at no extra cost ($30.00 value) their shiping charges are always the real shiping cost not inflated and most of all they are honest all the way,my experience with delta int was extremely satisfying

Bob Herman there are no hidden charges,goods are send out same day or next day

-- Bob Herman (bob, March 19, 2001.

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