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I have a back of a database that is 2.08Gigs. I copied it to my local Windows 98 Desktop SQL Server from my Winows NT Network server. The point is to have test data to play with. When trying to restore from that device (the back up file) I get an error in SQL Server stating that there is not enough disk space available.

It requires 2.3 gigs and only 2.1 is available. Win98 reports 3.2 gigs open using either chkdsk to properties of the drive. Is this a bug? Are there any work arounds?


-- Anonymous, July 11, 2000



There are known bugs with space checking during the install. The fix is to use this command:

Setup /t SpaceChecking = Off

This is documented in Knowledge Base article Q192139.

Perhaps is will help in this instance as well.

You might also want to work with a smaller subset of the data.

Good Luck, Eric

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2000

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