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Did anyone else find themselves becoming extremely annoyed with jeanie in last night's episode? the way she obviously manipulated the system for her benefit was so wrong on her part. she and kerry were friends and she knew her being fired was due to budget cutbacks. kerry was the one that supported her all along, she was the one that pushed for jeanie when she first found out she was HIV positive. For jeanie to go behind her back to get her job back seemed really immature to me. I felt bad for kerry in this episode...she was trying to manage and run the place under her authority but no one would listen to her.

-- Erin (, July 11, 2000


Jeanie always annoyed me. She was always so in to herself. She was so proud and arogant. (Sorry to any Jeanie fans, but I WAS a Lucy fan so I bet you can think of ways to get back at me!) Jeanie needed to get her head out of her butt and look around at all the great things she had.

-- Stephanie (, July 11, 2000.

Yes, I was a little annoyed with the way Jeanie acted. I really don't think Kerry was discriminating against her because of HIV, because look at the way Kerry stood up for Jeanie when Mark looked through her file and Kerry told him it was none of his business and wanted her to keep on working. Kerry was very supportive of her, and it seemed like she had to cut positions because Anspaugh told her to. I think Jeanie maybe used the situation to get her job back because she could try to claim it was because of her HIV that she got fired, even if it really wasn't.

-- Melanie (, July 11, 2000.

This is the only part where I didn't enjoy Jeannie. I understand her wanting to get her job back, and her life was in a pretty big mess, dealing with her HIV, her sick husband, and losing her job, her judgment would have been crowded and easily manipulated by the lawyers Maggie brought in. I guess overall, Kerry would never fire Jeannie because of her status, she fought for her, and I guess despite the raise she gave herself, if she took it back it still wouldn't cover paying for Jeannie, but I can definitely see Jeannie getting upset.

-- Elaine (, July 12, 2000.

Jeanie never really considered starting to fight being let go until she found out that Yosh (a new nurse at that time) had JUST been hired AND Kerry had given herself a substantial raise. I think Jeanie just felt she was being cheated out of a job she deperately needed.......and her chances of being hired anywhere else pretty bleak. Her ER "family" was more or less throwing her to the dogs and she wan't going to sit and take it.

-- Deb (, July 12, 2000.

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