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Did anyone else think that Kerry's last scene in this episode (where she was limping down the street at night) was soooo sad? Poor Kerry. You don't feel sorry for her, but you do. I hope they do a lot more with her next season.

-- Tracy (, July 11, 2000


I think it is about time we find out what is up with Kerry & that leg. I want to know why she was in pain in "Obstruction of Justice". At the time I thought TPTB were getting ready to start something with that comment she made to Doug about some people live with pain everyday and they learn to suck it up and go on with their lives. However, TPTB did not think that was a storyline they wanted to pursue at that time. Anyway as I stated earlier - it's time we get an explanation for why she is on that crutch.

-- Linda (, July 11, 2000.

Yeah, see that comment is obviously vey mysteriously hinting at her own problems into why she has a limp and a cane, and although she was being high and mighty with Doug, his "The crown is laying heavily on the queen's head" or something along those lines, didn't seem appropriate there. Although usually, I would have agreed w/ Doug.

-- Elaine (, July 12, 2000.

I LOVED that scene. OK I admit it: I'm a HUGE Kerry fan, and now in the re-runs on TNT they cut it out all together it skips from Peter and Elizabeth at Allison's bed side to Jeanie and Al skipping the whole scene which was my favorite. Also, Kerry's line: "People live in pain- they suck it up and get past it" perfectly set it up. And I agree we need to know what happened to that leg!!:)

-- Teddy (, June 16, 2001.

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