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What would you think if they had a scene at the rehab showing Carter telling his story and he says "I guess the reason I have felt so guilty about Lucy's death is because it was my fault and.....I loved her." Maybe thats why he feels so guilty. I don't know, I just always wanted Lucy and Carter to get together and not like that tiny fling they had ages ago. (too late now). Anyway what are your thoughts.

-- Nicole (pizza_cats@hotmail.com), July 11, 2000


I think it would be good because then he could start to get better by admitting it. I think the first step to getting past somthing like that is to admit your guilt about something. Not that anyone could ever get past something as bad as a stabbing and seeing your friend die. I also wanted them to get together.

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), July 11, 2000.

No Thanks. I would not buy it at all if he was to all the sudden say he loved Lucy. He was never in love with Lucy. Admitting in post rehab therapy that he feels or felt partially guilty for Lucy dying is one thing. It is totally different and unbelievable to hear something that was not there.

-- Brenda. (jckwfan@aol.com), July 11, 2000.

I wouldn't mind seeing a scene sort of like that -- at rehab telling his story - admitting that he feels guilty. But I DO NOT want to hear him say that he loved Lucy...no way! He didn't love her. I think he respected her as a med student and they were friends. But I would like to hear him talk to someone about the guilt he feels over her death, then maybe he can start to heal.

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), July 11, 2000.

Nope!! Uh, uh, no way. Carter didn't love Lucy. Maybe at one time, not now.

-- Kimmy (swiss_cheesed1953@yahoo.com), July 11, 2000.

I'm not sure I even want to see Carter in therapy...I just don't know if the writers would be able to make it work. I get the feeling if they did try to do it, it would come off as very sappy, very movie-of- the-week, and I'd hate to see that for an actor as talented as Noah.

As for Carter loving Lucy...No way. I don't think he even liked her all that much, really. He had a strange relationship with her, he seemed unsure of his feelings about her, but I think they were mostly related to the job. Having his own student, responsibilities, the opportunity to be like his mentor, Benton...But I can't believe he ever had real romantic feelings for her. Deep guilt over her death, yes. Love? No.

-- Cecelia (evilstoat@hotmail.com), July 11, 2000.

Okay drop the I loved her bit and just have him talking about the incident and what he felt afterwards. If they did it right it could come off very powerful and moving. Carter has never talked about the incident (except for that tiny convo with mark) so I think him sitting there talking about it and maybe even a bit teary eyed would be realling good. I think after all we have bee through they should have him tell us what he was thinking. I would hate for Noah's talent to go to waste too so they have to have the script done perfectly.

-- Nicole (pizza_cats@hotmail.com), July 11, 2000.

If they can figure out a way to do it, it might work, but I'm skeptical. I do think it would be a good idea to have an episode that focuses almost entirely on Carter, in his recovery. Something along the lines of "Love's Labors Lost" with Mark, where the show follows him over the course of a day, dealing with some very personal/traumatic issue. We do need to see more of Carter, now that the secret is out and he is going to be healing. I just don't feel good about an episode where he's still in rehab...I'd rather see him back at work, attempting to get on with his life and his career, struggling with all of the pain, humiliation, anger, stress, etc.

-- Cecelia (evilstoat@hotmail.com), July 11, 2000.

Carter in follow up therapy might be intriguing. They showed Susan Lewis in therapy, sort of in flashbacks, and it was very effective.

-- S. Trelles (trelles@ix.netcom.com), July 11, 2000.

No, sorry! Carter feels guilty about Lucy's murder, and I think he thought of her as a good friend, but he did *not* love her! It would never work, sorry!

-- Jessica (princessleia913@excite.com), July 11, 2000.


-- Anja (rademaan@oplin.lib.oh.us), July 11, 2000.

Okay, so Carter never liked Lucy. Then why did they make out? If he didn't love her then why? Was he trying to get back at Dale or something? Cater and Lucy were still friends anyways or otherwise, like Andie said, he wouldn't have cared that Lucy died which indeed would have been sad.

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), July 11, 2000.

Okay, so Carter never loved Lucy. Then why did they make out? If he didn't love her then why? Was he trying to get back at Dale or something? Cater and Lucy were still friends anyways or otherwise, like Andie said, he wouldn't have cared that Lucy died which indeed would have been sad.

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), July 11, 2000.

Sorry about that! I must have pushed the button twice by nistake.

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), July 11, 2000.

It is rather ironic that Dale moved in on Carter w/ Harper (although Carter kind of just overreacted with that, they never really did anything) and then he got protective of Lucy w/ Dale. As far as the "I love you" deal, I would have been pretty happy with a Carter/Lucy romance (though it did seem kind of ridiculous, I did appreciate the comical relief during GC's departure), but would have almost been more happy with a relationship like the one they had in Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee, with him being protective of her. I would have liked them to keep it like that, other than just make them grow apart. As far as love, it depends on what you think that means. Carter *could* love her w/out being "in love" with her. In season 5, they got pretty close, studying together, talks on the roof, getting coffee. He was always worried about being a good teacher and she always worried about impressing him. So although we didn't see it this past year, he *could* have a loving feeling for her. But a sappy, "I was in love with her" would be too much.

I totally agree with Nicole's second post...I would love to see him actually talk, almost stream of conscious-like, to someone about the attack...the pain and seeing Lucy's face and not being able to help her. He could casually say "I loved her in a certain way", and get teary-eyed, saying he misses her. I would rather see him talk like this to someone he knows though...Mark, Deb, Benton, Kerry, Malucchi, or even Luka or Elizabeth. It would mean more. I liked his talk with Mark in May Day, but it was almost too much like he just "summarized" the past few months really quickly, as if he had to remind us! I need more emotion.

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), July 12, 2000.

Many people engage in heavy petting like C/L unfortunatly did in Storm I. that does not include feelings of love. It happens all the time. Temporary lust does not equal love. Fortunatly Carter came to his senses before too much happened and put a stop to it.

-- Brenda (jckwfan@aol.com), July 12, 2000.

Brenda's right. Making out doesn't equal love. And especially in a tense situation, people might get a feeling of recklessness, like "This is the last day of our lives, let's have sex." At least, on TV this happens all the time. :)

-- Cecelia (evilstoat@hotmail.com), July 12, 2000.

I won't dispute the fact that Carter and Lucy came to understand each other and developed a friendship (albeit a rocky one) during the end of Season 5 and throughout Season 6. I agree with others who have stated that a make-out session does not mean that two people are "in love" or love each other. Lucy instigated the "incident" and Carter stopped it when he realized that what they were doing was grossly inappropriate. I'm ever so thankful that we did not have to be put through watching any more of these two together in a romantic relationship. If the writers decide to have Carter admit to being in love with Lucy, I will be very disappointed. Please bury that storyline at the bottom of the garbage bin where it belongs! JMO

-- Anja (rademaan@oplin.lib.oh.us), July 12, 2000.

I have been thinking about this and think it would be neat if Carter poured out his guilty feelings to Benton. At first I thought it would not be like Carter to let out his feelings to Benton, but then I thought it would be neat if he did and Benton maybe made an admission that he felt guilt over Gant's death as well.

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), July 12, 2000.

Okay Anji (or Anjo, can't remember) I said drop the love thing. I am making an effort not to be aggressive so how about you do the same. Don't mean to be rude or anything.

-- Nicole (pizza_cats@hotmail.com), July 13, 2000.

Hey Nicole, relax. Remember, this is a discussion group, people are going to post their thoughts, you can't just say "Drop it, I don't wanna talk about it anymore." No one is attacking you. Besides, there seem to be some people who agreed with you.

Amanda, I think that might actually work, with some Carter/Benton scenes. Carter has always looked up to and admired Benton, in a younger brother sort of way. They've had many clashes, and Benton has always had a certain discomfor with Carter's efforts to get closer to him, but this whole plotline with the drugs might just be thte thing that finally gets them talking. Remember how Benton was the one who got through to Carter in the end, after everyone else had failed, and even though Carter physically struck him, he still stuck to his guns and made sure Carter got on the plane--hell, he got on the plane too! So, Benton really could be the one that brings it out of Carter, and Carter could bring it out of Benton too. Good thought.

-- Cecelia (evilstoat@hotmail.com), July 13, 2000.

Oh my gosh, I just can't stop insulting people or attacking them. I don't meant to i must just come across like that. Am I really that aggressive? I just want to have nice disscussion with people who love ER and I keep screwing it up with my big mouth. Sorry.

-- Nicole (pizza_cats@hotmail.com), July 13, 2000.

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