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I just bought a Brownie Argoflex 75 and I don't have a clue about where to get the film. I live in WI and don't know much about cameras. I anyone knows where to find it please E-Mail at


-- GG (, July 10, 2000


Hi........I shoot with a brownie hawkeye flash model ((1950 - 61) that is supposed to use 620 film. Let me assure you that 120 is the same film, but is simply wound on different spools. All I have to do is load the 120 into the camera as i would 620, and use one of my 620 spools for the take-up spool. I then take the exposed film to a local pro shop and have them to save my 620 spool. they are very nice about this.

Good luck!!!!! Mike

-- Mike Saunders (, July 11, 2000.

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You can find 620 film at B&H photo in New York City. They have a web site if your intrested, however 620 film is more expencive than 120 film. If you obtain 620 spools you can roll 120 film on those spools.

-- Diane French (, July 16, 2000.

Film for Classics also in New York I believe, does sell respooled film onto plastic 620 reels. You can find them on the net. Sorry, I don't have their address etc. at work with me. If you want I can send it to you. They are reasonably priced. I found some old metal 620 reels by calling around to film labs in my area(Minneapolis, MN). Alot of them get people who bring this old film to develop and these labs have some of these spools lying around. Good luck.

-- Myron Wolf (, May 24, 2001.

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