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Maxim Group is looking for a SQL Server Expert for their client, a leader in the consulting industry.

They are doing a conversion from a legacy SAS system to designing a new system that is SQL Server based. The audit department's system analyzes data and puts it into reports to get to all the auditors. They are currently in the research and development phase of the project which should take around 4-6 weeks. This person needs to come in and be very analytical. Our client wants them to analyze everything and make suggestions on what needs to be done to the database. The person must also be capable of doing stored procedures and triggers, have some DBA functionalities, the ability to understand architecture, and know the database inside and out.

The target rate for someone on this project would be from $45-$65/hour.

SQL Server 7.0, stored procedures and triggers.

Maxim Group has been a leader in the IT consulting industry since 1987 because we do what it takes to keep our consultants challenged and rewarded. At Maxim Group, we place an emphasis on building strong relationships with our consultants and clients. From the personal delivery of your weekly checks to our dedication to finding a placement for each of our consultants after the end of a project, you will find our service to be number one in the industry. At Maxim Group, your health and well-being matter to us. That's why we offer our team members a variety of benefits including health insurance, dental and vision, vacation, and personal days, holiday pay, 401k, and professional and technical training.

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2000



Thank you for the posting and good luck with your recruitment.


-- Anonymous, July 14, 2000

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