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Halo I am A photographer from Israel and I got A serious problem. I working on an exhibition (very important one) and A strange problem were show out. I print 120 \120 c"m on Kodak digital paper with "lambada" of DURST the prints are b&w on color paper . the prints are well but I put it with glue on PVC and made A lamination and after A week or two all the print got A magenta toned which getting strong all the time . please if some one can give me A clue I will be grace fool . thanks A lot ,tamir sher

-- (, July 10, 2000


Response to help

It's possibly your glue reacting with the paper, PVC or both. I've seen old B&W fiber based prints reacting violently with some cheap glue, and portions of the image being totally bleached out. Make sure you use special archival photo sprays/glues to mount the prints. I know that 3M makes some of these photo mounting sprays.

-- Sriram (, July 10, 2000.

Response to help

It's well known that digital prints are unstable. It could be that the colour balance of this process shifts anyway, regardless of glue or other influences.

-- Pete Andrews (, July 11, 2000.

Response to help

As I understand it, your images are printed on an inkjet printer? If that is correct, you are probably having a problem with the paper/printer/ink combination, not the glue.


-- Christian Harkness (, July 11, 2000.

Response to help

More than likely your problem is the glue reacting with the paper. The Lambda outputs to photographic paper, and there is no difference between the stability of this image versus one printed from a normal analog negative. Does anyone near you have the capability to cold mount? This is the answer to your problem, but I have no idea what is avalable to you in Israel. I have cold mounted thousands of prints to PVC (Sintra) up to 12 feet by 20 feet with absolutely no problem.


-- fred (, July 13, 2000.

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