Let's hear it for big text man!

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I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to "big text man" for:

1. Putting CPR in his place

2. Making the forum more readable for those of us with older eyes.

You go, big text man!

-- Truth Teller (truth@teller.x), July 10, 2000


http://www.angal.com/forumtf/index.html From Medford to Honduras From: giblee@eateel.net Date: 18 Oct 1999 Time: 14:59:32 Remote Name:

Comments I am single, retired and free and intend to stay that way. You can accuse me of running but I'm doing it creatively. I've sold or got rid of everything but my starcraft van and a 34 ft sailboat. I sense that it will get rough in the U.S. politically because Y2K will be used as an excuse to declare martial law and I strongly feel you are seeing the last elected president for awhile. With some research you will find a half million foreign troops with planes and tanks at several military bases around the U.S. in combat readiness and they will outright tell you themselves that they are waiting to be called on by the U.N. to control population. At this moment, across the Mexican border from McAllen Texas is a U.N. team ready to cross. Read the executive orders issued by this president and other presidents. They are on the web. I will ride this through on a fully provisioned sailboat in a third world country who knows the U.S. constitution better than most of the citizens of my country. I CAN'T TELL YOU WHAT IS ON THE ELEPHANTS MIND, BUT I SEE WHERE HIS TRACKS ARE HEADED. I picked Honduras because of its limited economy, politics, and third world status. Few computers. My boat is provisioned complete with tools, generators, food, etc: and ready to jump off in the middle of November. I have also armed myself with plenty of ammo. If the shooting starts, I'll come back to help reclaim my country from the NEW WORLD ORDER faciasts, and those with thier heads deposited in their anal cavity. You can recognise them, they are socially and politically correct. LOTS OF LUCK> SEE YA LATER

-- Friday (Friday@gilligansIsle.org), July 10, 2000.

Big Text Man is an idiot. He is the only one who could make creep, amy ray, kkkarlos, and net waste look smart by comparison.

-- telling the truth (telling@the.truth), July 10, 2000.

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