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Has anyone read the book by John Jeavons -- How to Grow More Vegetables...???

I saw a review of this book in the May/June 200 Edition of Earthworks Magazine, and am wondering if it is worth the $16.95 US price tag.

-- Tracy (, July 10, 2000


Bought it years ago, still have it and still refer to it - even though I'm not much interested in double digging. I know I wouldn't let my old, shabby copy go for a mere $16.95 though. If you aren't sure that the book is what you want, have your library try to get a copy on inter-library loan and peruse before you buy - what I do often as I have far more books on my "want to read" list, than I have dollars in my pocket!

-- Polly (, July 10, 2000.

i have it and many more of the books and other things published by his organiaztion. i like all of them however if find that whenever i read a book i very seldom take it as gospel but like to use different ways of doing things to make me rethink what i am doing and also i tend to pick what i think might work for me. i think the parts on growing your own fertilizer are good. again i don't know about following it step by step but it makes sense to me to grow some crops that will benefit my compost and then my whole garden. another book that i really like in regards to intensive gardening is square foot gardening. i think the two go together really well. i to do to my back am not able to double dig. just my thoughts gail

-- gail (, July 10, 2000.

I have the older and new version and I like the older one much better, as with most sequels there not as in depth as the first.

-- kathy h (, July 11, 2000.

I'll second Gails' endorsement of Square Foot Gardening (by Mel Bartholemew). I base my planting in my raised bed garden on his recommendations, but sometimes use the grid pattern recommended my Jeavons. Both are neat books with lots of ideas!

-- Polly (, July 11, 2000.

We also have, and use, both books. I think it is worth the price! However, you will have to take some of his yield estimates with a grain of salt, as he is in Southern California, and can garden practically year-round, unlike those of us in more northern climates!

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, July 11, 2000.

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