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I heard a funny George Clooney story yesterday. Apparently when he was filming "Three Kings", he found out that Paul Newman was on the set. GC, being a huge PN fan, arranged to meet him. PN was very friendly and spoke to GC a while, and then said "So, George, what is it you do?" GC was a bit taken aback, but smiled, and said "I'm an actor, sir." PN chuffed him on the arm, and said "Hang in there, kid, you'll make it one of these days." and strode off.

-- Josh (, July 10, 2000


I guess GC should be glad that PN never caught his act on "The Facts of Life"!

-- Linda (, July 10, 2000.

I also read about that on That is really wierd because you would think that even if Paul Newman never watched ER that he would know who George Clooney is! I mean, by this time, everybody knows who he is! Maybe he just looked really different that day or something. Or maybe Paul really did recognize him and he was kidding around.

-- Melanie (, July 11, 2000.

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