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I have become somewhat addicted to The Iron Chef program on the Food Network. It comes on here Friday and Saturday nights and late Sunday afternoon. For those who watch it, I'll pass this along. The Chairman of the Academy is really a popular Japanese singer and actor. There is no food academy, per se, just the studio. That's why you see so many actors, actresses and musicians on the tasting panel. I am convinced the chefs know the secret ingredient in advance, which is why the announcer can rattle off the ingredients of each dish. Since there are somewhat regulars on the panel, that stacks it somewhat in the Iron Chef's favor. It has an almost cult following in Japan and is become very popular in the U.S. I suspect there is a popular wrestling theme of good guy vs bad guy to it to add suspense.

I went on a business trip to Japan maybe 20 years ago and had the honor of being invited to someone's home in Tokyo. I've seen bedrooms in the U.S. larger. Basically a small bathroom, small kitchen and living room, which doubled as a bedroom. Very small refrigerator as shopping is done on pretty well a daily basis. They don't have house and street addresses. Meat is so expensive it is a luxury item. A 12-ounce T-bone would probably run a hundred dollars or more. Fish, fresh and preserved, is a staple as might be expected in an island nation. For others who sell cattle - I'm gonna make you want to cry. There is one breed raised only on a small island and only about 20 a year are sold. They can go for up to $12,000 liveweight since there they have so much marbling. I wouldn't want to live there, but it was an interesting trip.

-- Ken Scharabok (, July 10, 2000


My whole family loves Iron Chef - it comes on here about dinner time and I try to make sure that we have a good meal in front of us before we watch it - otherwise we'd die of hunger! I think you're right, they know what the ingredients are, b ut even then, making up those meals in an hour is quite something. The only one I had to turn off was the one with live octopus - I cannot manage knowing that those lovely creatures that communicate by changing colors, are killed live on television - okay, everyone flame me, I'm not a vegetarian and I'm sure it's stupid to feel that way about octopus, but there it is!

On the other hand, we've been eating a love of Japanese and Chinese dishes - one of my daughters watches the show and tries to recreate her favorite dish - with pretty good success, too.

I like the announcer,and think his costumes are wonderful, and I feel cheated when he just has something plain on. Last night he wore a plain turqoise coat, no ruffles, and it felt like we were cheated in the theatrics department.

-- Ann Zavala (, July 15, 2000.

I watch it occasionally. Its interesting to see the foods thay they make--and eat. :) Sometimes amazes me what they will actually eat. Hubby doesn't care for the show so I don't watch it much.

-- Kathleen (, July 16, 2000.


-- Bill Iannazzo (, July 27, 2001.

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